Published: 14/12/2020

Driving Footfall with National Express West Midlands

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Payzone is now in partnership with National Express Bus.

We’re pleased to share that Payzone has signed a long-term contract with National Express West Midlands. We will be rolling this service out gradually. But, from December, customers in the West Midlands will be able to purchase their tickets using the NXBus mTicket app at selected Payzone stores.

This new partnership is part of Payzone’s product expansion to ensure that we continue to deliver a valuable service to both retailers and customers

What is National Express West Midlands?

The company operates bus services within the West Midlands, Coventry and Dundee, and services over 1 million passengers every day. Our new contract applies to National Express West Midlands and Coventry. National Express West Midlands is the leading bus operator in the area, serving Birmingham, Black Country and their surroundings.

What Does This Mean For Retailers?  

This brand new service means that if you’re a Payzone retailer in the West Midlands, you can expect to welcome new customers to your store as we gradually roll out this new product.

Simon Lambert, Commercial Director for Payzone Bill Payments Limited, said:

“This is an exciting and innovative new solution which will expand our transport ticketing portfolio in the region, in addition to our current Smartcard offering. National Express operates over 2000 vehicles in the region and we are delighted to be able to offer flexibility to passengers when it comes to purchasing their tickets for any future travel.”

How Does It Work?

The customer will need to download the mTicket app and present a barcode to you, the retailer. You will scan the barcode, select the correct ticket type onscreen and process the payment. The ticket will appear in the customer’s e-wallet immediately via the app, ready for travel.

How to use the mTicket app with Payzone

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