Card Machines for Small Businesses

Flexible card acceptance solutions to suit your small business through our partners, takepayments. 




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Are you a small business owner who is yet to accept card payments? Accepting card payments both through contactless and chip and pin isn’t just something big businesses can offer. Even as a small business, you can offer it too. 

What are the benefits of accepting card transactions for small businesses?

It’s more efficient

Card transactions can be much quicker to process, so your workforce will spend less time counting cash.

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Better customer experience

Accepting payments by card may reduce queuing times for your customers, or remove the inconvenience of them having to withdraw cash to pay for your product or services.

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Boost sales

In 2019, 17 billion debit card transactions took place in the UK, and card transactions accounted for nearly half of all payment types. Now more than ever before, the option to pay by card is expected as standard. Attract customers who prefer this method of payment.

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How to set up card acceptance for your small business

When you enquire about setting up card payment processing for your enterprise, our partners at takepayments will help to find you a card acceptance package that’s right for you.

They can explore flexible payment packages to suit your business needs and guide you through what you’ll need to do to get started, such as opening a merchant account. 

takepayments can offer many additional benefits such as:


Choosing the right card machine

It doesn’t matter if you’re a retailer, a mobile hairdresser, a builder or a restaurant owner; takepayments have some great options when it comes to choosing a card machine to suit your business needs. 

Countertop Card Machine

For behind the counter payments

Small and compact

Connect by broadband or phone

Fast receipt printing

Mobile Card Machine

For payments on the go

Built-in GPRS SIM card

Connect anywhere in the UK where there is a signal

Long battery life

Portable Card Machine

Take the machine to your customer

Hand-held and lightweight

50m range via Bluetooth or WiFi

Long battery life

Do you Already Have A Card Machine?

If you’re already with another card provider, our partners takepayments may still be able to help. Get in touch to see if they can beat your current rate by calling 0800 0566 015

*This service is only available via certain merchant acquiring services. Subject to approval by the relevant provider of merchant acquiring services.