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Customer FAQs

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At Payzone stores and Post Office branches, you can pay your gas and electricity bills and top up your meter for a wide variety of energy providers. 

Take a look at our FAQ guides for some of the biggest energy providers and find out important information about how and where you can pay.

Find the answers you need with our FAQ guides for Payzone suppliers.

General Queries

Do you still have a question about our services? You'll probably find the answer that you're looking for in the FAQs below. Our Helpdesk has provided the answers to the questions that customers most frequently ask. 

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Customer FAQs

  • What is Payzone?

    Payzone is an established company that provides people with bill payment and top-up services across a community of over 24,000 convenience stores and Post Office branches.

  • What services can a Payzone store provide?

    Payzone stores can offer a variety of services including; utility bills, mobile phone top-ups and transport and ticketing, Lotto services and online gaming, along with a parcel service. You will be able to top-up EDF/Eon/Npower and British/Scottish Gas energy providers with both gas and electricity by inserting your current key or card. Blank keys and cards can be found at certain Payzone outlets (known as Super Agents) and are marked blue on our Store Locator. Certain bill payments and smart-meter gas and electric transactions can also be completed by a quick scan of a bill or a swipe of a card or key.

  • Are all Payzone services available at every store?

    All Payzone stores offer core services, which you can view on our Services page. However, the number of services can vary across different shops. Some Payzone stores have also been chosen to become Super Agents. A Super Agent is a store that stocks blank gas cards and electric keys for EDF/Eon/ Npower (generic keys and cards) and the standalone British/Scottish Gas keys and cards. These can quite simply be registered for customers to use in their meters at home. Use our Store Locator to find out which services are available at your local store. Super Agents are marked in blue.

  • Where is my nearest Payzone store?

    To find your nearest Payzone store, visit our Store Locator page. Simply type in your postcode to see where your closest shop is. Struggling to use the Store Locator? Give us a call on 01606 566 566 or check with your supplier. Remember that if your Payzone store is too far then you will also be able to conduct transactions at your local Post Office.

  • There aren’t many Payzone stores near me

    We welcome new retailers to Payzone every day so look out for a new Payzone wall sign going up in a location near to you shortly. However, we recognise that in some areas, we need more retailers to join us to ensure customers have better access to Payzone services. If you feel that there’s a shortage of Payzone stores near you, please get in touch by filling out the form below. Again, remember you can also complete most transactions at your local Post Office.

  • Are all Payzone services free for the customer to use?

    There are no additional charges when you use a Payzone terminal to pay a bill or top-up. This is the case across ALL Payzone stores. If you experience an issue with retailers charging additional fees, please contact the Payzone Help Desk on 01606 566 566 or get in touch by filling out the contact form below.

  • Can I access all Payzone services at my local Post Office?

    You will be able to use the majority of the Payzone services at your local Post Office. This includes bill payments, mobile top-ups and gas and electric transactions for British Gas, Eon, EDF and Npower. However, you will not be able to complete transport transactions, use the HubBox Parcel facility or pick up a blank electricity key or gas cards.  These will need to be completed at a Payzone store or a Payzone Super Agent for the key and card collection.

  • Where can I find a replacement gas card or electricity key?

    A replacement gas card or electricity key is free to the end-user. All we ask is that the key or card is registered on the Payzone equipment before leaving the store. Registration is free and all you need before you can register your key or card is a code (RTI) from your gas/electric supplier. To find your nearest stockist of blank keys and cards (Super Agents), type in your postcode on our Store Locator. Stores which hold replacement gas cards or electricity keys are marked with a blue location pin (non-Super Agents are marked in pink).

  • Can I top-up with cash or a card?

    Our Payzone terminals accept both cash and card payments. However, the method of payment available at your nearest store is at the discretion of the shop owner, so check with them to see what they are happy to accept. The store should not charge an additional fee to top-up a Payzone product. If you are charged, this should be reported to us via the contact us page. However, the shop may have a minimum spend limit when paying by credit/debit card, which is at the retailer’s discretion.

  • My local Payzone store doesn’t have a working terminal

    So, you’ve visited your local Payzone store and the terminal is switched off or broken? We’re sorry, that’s not the service we want to provide. Please get in touch so we can contact the store directly and help them to get their terminal up and running again. The quickest and easiest way to do this is by using the Contact Us page.

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