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What is Payzone Bill Payments?

With Payzone Bill Payments you can provide the services that your customers want without any hassle. By installing our bill payments device, it means that your customers can easily pay their bills in your store. We have lots of popular bill payment services available on our Payzone device including gas, electricity, water, mobile phone top-ups, rent. council tax and SIM cards. Customers can also top-up travel cards that can be used on trains, trams and buses. Payzone devices even enable stores to offer a parcel collection service.

You’ll earn a commission with every transaction you make through the Payzone device. Plus, you’ll also keep your customers visiting and buying from your store, simply by giving them a convenient and flexible way to pay their bills.

Our bill payment service is an affordable option for retailers who are looking to improve their store. You’ll find that when it comes to the rental cost, our Payzone devices are 95% cheaper on average than our main competitor. And did you hear? We’re partnered with the Post Office. This means that in the future, Payzone retailers will have the option to offer more services to their customers. We’re excited about what the future holds.



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