Providing card and bill payment services for more than 30 years.

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For over 30 years, Payzone has provided card and bill payment services to independent retailers, multiples and symbol groups across the UK. We work hard to provide payment solutions for retailers, businesses and customers. 

Our bill payment services still operate under the Payzone brand, however, it is now part of the Post Office network. With over 11,500 branches, the Post Office is the biggest retail network in the UK. A trusted brand, the Post Office has played a key role in society for centuries and continues to expand and modernise its services.  Together, Payzone and the Post Office have over 24,000 stores and branches across the UK. 

So, what do you need to know about us?

Payzone Bill Payments

Over 500 million bill payment transactions were made in the UK last year. Our bill payment service empowers independent retailers to increase footfall to their store by offering a number of bill payment solutions. These services attract additional customers, which results in increased revenue for the retailer, as customers often make additional purchases when they come into store. 

So, what’s the benefit to the retailer? We work with retailers to expand the number of convenient services available in their stores by partnering with big-name suppliers such as British Gas, Eon, EE, O2 and more. With over 24,000 Payzone stores and Post Offices, we can help retailers across the UK welcome more customers through their door and drive revenue. 

Many vulnerable people rely on our services to pay their bills. With a Payzone terminal, customers can pay gas, electricity & water bills, do mobile phone top-ups and purchase SIM cards. They can also top-up travel cards which can be used on trains, trams and buses. Payzone terminals even enable stores to offer a parcel drop off and pick up service.

“It’s an exciting time for Payzone.” Comments Andrew Goddard, Managing Director at Payzone. “Together with the Post Office, we now have an expansive network across the UK and attracting lots of new suppliers, which is great news for our retailers and their customers. Our focus, first and foremost, is to continue to deliver and improve on our excellent service. That means supporting our retailers when it comes to driving footfall to their stores, and, further elevating the Payzone bill payments brand to customers so they can make payments and top-up with ease.”

Andrew Goddard

Payzone Card Payments 

There are 469 card payments made every second across the UK. That’s 14.8 billion transactions in one year. As a retail business, it’s vital that you can take card payments face-to-face with a card machine, through your website or over the phone.

That’s where card payment services with our preferred partner takepayments Limited come in.

As one of the fastest-growing card payments company in the UK takepayments have one aim; to make card payments easy. With a broad product range of card machines, online payment and EPOS systems, there is a card payment solution for every business. 

Their consultants work with you to find out everything they need to know about your business and the kind of card payments you’ll take. That way, they can create a personalised price package designed around your business.