Changes to Payzone fees and charges explained

Do you have questions about the upcoming changes to our fees and charges?

Find out more about why things are changing in our FAQs, along with additional information about your Payzone service and contract.



  • Why have you made changes to the fees and charges, adding Retail Price Index (RPI) to my contract?

    Over the last few years, we have significantly expanded our partnerships, giving your customers access to more services than ever before. From the 1st of March 2024, we are changing our fees and charges to reflect the growing costs of maintaining the network. We are aware any price increase is difficult for our retailers, so we have limited the increase to more than 2% below the 9.8% average to reduce the impact on your business.

  • What does RPI mean?

    The Retail Price Index (RPI) is a measure of inflation, which in turn is the rate at which prices for goods and services are rising.

  • What new services has Payzone acquired over the last few years?

    Building on Payzone’s exclusive contract with British Gas, our new partnerships include Utilita, E.ON Boost, Bulb, SSE, Next, National Express Coach, Transport for Wales, through partners we enable customers to pay rent, council tax for over 500 clients in your store, gift cards with One4All and many more. To see all our services, use this link:

  • What are the benefits of continuing my contract with Payzone?

    With more services available, you can drive more footfall into your store and increase the number of shoppers in your store, who according to the Association of Convenience Stores, have an average basket spend of £7.27. Upgrading to Payzone Plus unlocks our newest service, JISP Scan & Save, free of charge. With Jisp, you’ll earn commission every time a customer purchases a discounted grocery item through the app. Selected Payzone Plus retailers can gain exclusive access to Drop & Collect parcel services in partnership with the Post Office.

  • I am unsure what services I can offer through my Payzone device?

    Through your Payzone device you can offer a wide range of bill payment services including:

    • Bill payments and top ups for key energy suppliers
    • Ticketing, including Smart Ticketing for bus services
    • Housing and council tax payments
    • Gift Cards
    • Dart Charge and Mersey Tunnel Services
  • How can I better promote Payzone services in my store to encourage more footfall?

    Some Payzone retailers don’t promote their Payzone services clearly enough to their customers. If you contact our helpdesk on 01606 566 566, we can provide you with new signage and point of sale material so customers know what Payzone services are available in your store.

  • I don’t like my current Payzone device, can I upgrade?

    You are currently using a historic device, but you can upgrade to our new Payzone Plus device starting at just £5.35 a week - £8.55 to include Credit/ Debit Card acceptance.

    Go to -

  • What are the benefits of upgrading my device to Payzone Plus?

    The Payzone Plus is…

    • A smaller all-in-one device with better connectivity and remote access for faster fault fixing.
    • Up to 50% faster on transaction times
    • Exclusive services such as Jisp and Drop and Collect
    • Combining bill payments with card acceptance functionality
    • Payzone Plus is portable and offers better connectivity with Newer Technology
    • Cost effective till roll replacements.
  • I want to keep my current Payzone device but I am unsure how to use it?

    If you need support with your Payzone device, contact the Helpdesk on 01606 566 566. Opening hours are Mon-Fri 8am-7pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-1pm.

  • I want to end my contract with Payzone, how do I do this?

    If you choose to leave Payzone and end the contract, you can do this within 30 days and we will not charge you any early termination fees. Of course, we would like you to stay as a Payzone retailer and advise you to call us and talk through your concerns before you decide to leave us.

    After the 30-day notice period has expired, you will automatically revert to the increased price, termination fees will then apply.

  • What if I don’t contact Payzone?

    Then you will remain on your current contract but your rental charge will increase by the notified amount.

  • I have chosen to Upgrade to the Payzone Plus – what happens next?

    (Has to be the main Account holder) Contact us, we will pass your details to the Sales team who will contact you over the next few days to complete your new contract. Once this has been done then we will order your new device.

  • I have chosen to keep my current device – what happens next?

    Unless the Account holder advises us otherwise, no further action is required and you will automatically revert to the new charges from the 1st March.

  • I want to cancel – what happens next?

    Sorry to hear that you want to end your contract. If you could contact: and our team will be in touch.

  • Why has my price changed, or I am too late to cancel - I have had no letter.

    We have informed all retailers affected by changes to our fees and terms and conditions by letter and email.

    Time Scales

    Collection of terminals - within 48 hours you will receive a letter and pre-paid label for you to return your Payzone equipment. The label will be addressed to Prism Logistical Services. Simply box up the equipment and apply the label and return to your local Post Office. Please obtain certificate of postage receipt in case required for proof of return.

    Upgrading Terminals – non-card payment terminals - will be posted out to be installed remotely (full instructions will be included). A pre-paid label will be sent for you to return your Payzone equipment. The label will be addressed to Prism Logistical Services. Simply box up the equipment and apply the label and return to your local Post Office. Please obtain certificate of postage receipt in case required for proof of return

    Upgrading Terminals – with card payment services - this will be installed by an engineer within 14 days and old equipment collected.

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