What is a Payzone SuperAgent?

A Payzone SuperAgent is a retailer that stocks and supplies new electricity keys and gas cards to customers on behalf of some of our major energy suppliers. 

Anyone in your community who has a card or key that is lost or damaged will call their energy supplier, who will then direct them to your store to collect a replacement.

Why Become a Payzone SuperAgent?

Becoming a Payzone SuperAgent is beneficial to you as a retailer. Here’s why.

How do I Become a Payzone SuperAgent?


Step One

So, you’re interested in becoming a SuperAgent? Great! Either fill in our enquiry form below or give us a call on 01606 566 566.


Step Two

We will run through a few qualifying questions so we can learn more about you and your store.


Step Three

If successful, you’ll be listed as a SuperAgent by our energy suppliers, and you will receive your first delivery of electricity keys and/or gas cards via a courier.

Become a SuperAgent

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