Published: 19/07/2021

How do I use a One4all Gift Card?

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What is a One4all gift card?

One4all gift cards enable the recipient to spend its monetary value across hundreds of popular brands, stores and services both online and at brick and mortar stores. One4all gift cards make the perfect gift as the recipient can choose how and where they spend it.

There are two different formats in which you can purchase One4all gift cards; a plastic gift card or a digital gift card voucher.

Where can I buy One4all gift cards?

There are many different ways to purchase an One4all gift card.

One4all Gift Card
Physical One4all gift cards can be purchased from a wide variety of supermarkets, grocery stores, card retailers, newsagents, gas stations and more.

Customers have been able to buy One4all gift cards from Post Office branches for many years. From December 2020, One4all gift cards also became available for purchase at selected Payzone stores. Choose from a range of gift cards for every occasion, subject to in-store availability.

You can also order a gift card directly from the One4all website. Simply type in the monetary value along with the name of the recipient and sender. You can choose to have it delivered directly to their address or, to your door instead.

One4all Digital Voucher
One4all digital gift vouchers can be purchased directly from the One4all website by clicking here.

Choose how much you want to put onto the card (from £5 to £120) and click to purchase. You can customise the digital voucher that you wish to send by using the card customisation tool. Once you have finished designing your e-card you can send it to the recipient via email or SMS.

Where can I use my one4all gift card?

You can use your One4all gift card at over 130 stores including Argos, Primark, Boots, TK Maxx, M&S and Debenhams. You can also spend your gift card at popular restaurant chains such as All Bar One, Bella Italia, Nandos and more. There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your personal interests. To find out more, visit this page to see which brands are available:

How do I use an One4all gift card online?

An One4all gift card can be used as a prepaid Visa Debit card. Before you use the card, make sure you double-check that it can be used at your chosen store. You should also be aware that most online stores do not allow multiple payment methods, so the value of your basket should be equal to or less than the monetary value of the gift card.

Once you select the item you want to purchase follow the on-screen instructions to the checkout page. When prompted to select the payment type, select Visa debit as your option. Enter the card number and your name as it appears on the card. Next, enter the 'valid thru' date in the expiry box on the front of the card. When asked for the CVV2 number, you can find it behind the silver panel on the back of the card. Use your own name and address for Billing Details.

How do I activate my One4all gift card?

If you have a standard One4all gift card, which usually has a value between £10-£120, you do not need to activate your card.

Only One4all Chip & PIN cards need to be activated.

How do I check my One4all gift card balance?

There are three ways you can check the balance of your One4all gift card.

You can check your balance online via the One4all website: Simply enter your card number, your CVV2 number and click ‘Check Balance.’

You can also check the balance of your One4all gift card by text. Text ‘My Balance’ and your 16 digit card number to 57887. You will then receive an SMS stating your balance.

You can listen to an automated balance by calling 033 0828 0881.

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