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As a Payzone retailer, you can provide a bill payment and top up service, as well as transport and ticketing, mobile phone and SIM, parcel collection, online gaming and gift cards. 

Here, you can find the answers to all of your questions from how to become a Payzone retailer to ordering more till rolls. 

Take a look at our retailer FAQs below and if we’ve not answered your question, call us on 01606 566 566.


Payzone Device

  • Can I rearrange the installation date of my Payzone device?

    Yes. It is possible to rearrange the installation date of your Payzone device if it isn’t convenient for you. Simply call the Help Desk team on 01606 566 566 and we can find a more suitable time for you.

  • Why did I not receive any training when my Payzone device was installed?

    Firstly, we’d like to apologise if you did not receive any basic training. When an engineer visits your store to fit your new Payzone device, they should provide you with full training on how to use it and check that it is fully operational. If you did not receive this training, please call the Helpdesk on 01606 566 566 and we can provide you with training over the phone. Alternatively, we can re-arrange a convenient time for an engineer to run through this with you in person. 

  • Why won’t my Payzone device connect to Wifi?

    Firstly, make sure that your router is switched on. If your router is switched on but you still cannot connect to WiFi, look at your network settings and check that your WiFi network is showing. If you can see your WiFi network listed, try to reconnect again to ensure you’re on the right network. If your Payzone device still isn’t connecting to WiFi, contact the Helpdesk on 01606 566 566 and we can assist you further.

  • Why is my device showing a communication error?

    In most cases, a communication error means that your Payzone device isn’t connected to the WiFi. Check your WiFi connection and confirm that it is on the correct network setting. Then, re-enter your password and turn your machine on and off again. If your Payzone Tablet is still showing a communication error, contact the Helpdesk on 01606 566 566 and we can assist you further.

  • Do I need to insure my Payzone device?

    Yes. Your Payzone device should be insured as part of your Contents & Building Insurance. 

  • My Payzone device is damaged. How do I get a replacement?

    If your Payzone device has been dropped or damaged, you need to make a claim on your insurance or pay for a new one if you are not covered. We cannot supply you with a new Payzone device until you have covered the replacement costs.

  • I already have an active Payzone device in my store but I would like another one. How can I request this?

    To request an additional Payzone device, please contact our Sales Team on 0800 0566 015.

  • How do I switch off my Payzone device at the end of the day?

    You shouldn’t switch your Payzone device off at the end of the working day as the tablet updates and downloads new information.

  • Why is there a white screen on my tablet?

    This  normally happens when your tablet has disconnected from your WiFi. Please turn off your tablet and restart your WiFi router. Once your router lights turn back on,  plug in the tablet.  This will take your tablet to the setting screen. Press ‘Exit’ in the bottom right-hand corner and your terminal should take you back to the Cashier page, ready for your Cashier Pin.

  • My device and Gas Card Terminal will not connect.

    This could be due to your Gas Card Terminal losing connection to your WiFi. Unplug and restart your Gas Card Terminal.  The screen will turn back on and move through the installation screens until the Home Page appears. If you are connected to WiFi, the green WiFi symbol should appear in the top left-hand corner of the screen, to the right of the three red boxes (the boxes will be green if you have an ethernet cable plugged in). Unplug and then switch on the tablet until it shows the Settings screen and press ‘Exit’. Log in with your cashier pin and try the transaction again. If the WiFi symbol does not appear or you still get the message "Quantum Unavailable” you will need to reboot your WiFi and repeat the above steps.

  • I’m not getting a response from my Electric Key Box.

    Turn the keybox around and see how many cables are connected. If there is only one cable connected then the keybox is powered by a battery. Replace the battery and ensure the battery connectors provide a secure fit. Try the transaction again. If there is no improvement, disconnect the cable from the keybox and tablet and reconnect it. Turn the tablet off and on again to get to the Settings screen and press ’Exit’ to get back to the Cashier screen. Try the transaction again. If there are two cables, disconnect all cables and reconnect them then turn the tablet off and on again and follow the steps above. If the power cable is worn, replace the power source with a battery.

  • My printer is failing to print.

    Reboot your tablet and on the Settings screen, press ‘Exit’ to get back to the Cashier page. Try to print a copy receipt or end of day banking before trying another transaction. Ensure you have a till roll in the tablet or Gas Card Terminal. Please be aware that even when a receipt is not printed,the transaction will still go through and you will be charged.

  • I need direct debit information.

    Please enter your admin pin into the tablet. You will see the direct debit tab located within the Finance Centre on the right-hand side of the screen. To print off this information, click the date range that you require and select print.

  • I need to see Z totals, statements and invoices.

    Please enter your admin pin into the tablet. You will find the relevant tab located within the Finance Centre on the right-hand side of the screen. To print off this information, click the date range that you require and select print.

  • I have a refund enquiry.

    In the event of a technical issue, please use your admin pin to log in to the terminal. You can reprint the merchant copy by selecting ‘Recent Transactions’ in the Finance Centre. You will then need to email both the merchant and customer receipt, with a brief explanation of what has happened, to so we can request a refund with the provider.

  • There is a communication error on a credit/debit card transaction.

    Reboot the card terminal and try processing a transaction.  If you still see the same error message, restart both the WIFI router and table and try the transaction again.

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