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Maybe you’re a retailer who likes to venture away from behind your till and service customers on the shop floor? Perhaps you own a restaurant or a cafe and you like to settle the customer’s bill at their table? If you want a bit more flexibility, then a portable card machine could be right for you.

Features and Benefits of a Portable Card Machine

It has a 50m range via Bluetooth

Venture away from the countertop and use your portable card machine up to 50m away from the base, which is connected through Bluetooth technology.

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It’s hand-held and lightweight

The portable card machine fits perfectly into the palm of your hand, so you can hand it over to your customers to insert their pin number.

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It has a long-lasting charge

Fully charged, your portable card machine lasts a whole working day, so there’s no need to constantly charge it.

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It accepts contactless payments

The portable card machine can process contactless payments, so you can save time and let your customers tap and go.

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Card acceptance through Payzone

Card acceptance for your business - There are plenty of reasons to have card acceptance through our partners takepayments.


Alternative Card Readers

Is a portable card machine not for you? Take a look at the other card machine options that are available through Payzone.


For behind the counter payments

Small and compact

Connect by broadband or phone

Fast receipt printing



For payments on the go

Built-in GPRS SIM card

Connect anywhere in the UK

Long battery life


Do you Already Have A Card Machine?

If you’re already with another card provider, our partners takepayments may still be able to help. Get in touch to see if they can beat your current rate by calling 0800 0566 015

*This service is only available via certain merchant acquiring services. Subject to approval by the relevant provider of merchant acquiring services.