The Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal donation button is now live on Payzone devices and is available to customers at over 24,000 locations in Post Office and Payzone Stores across the UK. 

On 6 February 2023, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes struck southeast Turkey and northern Syria. Thousands of people have been killed and many more are injured. With so many buildings destroyed or unsafe, many people have been left out in the freezing cold with no medical aid, shelter or food.

What is the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC)?

The Disasters Emergency Committee is a collection of charities that are experts in humanitarian relief. The DEC are in Turkey and northern Syria, working together to save lives and help people who have been injured or lost their homes by providing medical care, temporary shelter and blankets they desperately need.

DEC charity donations will help the committee continue to provide medical care, temporary shelter, food, water and blankets to people affected by the earthquake.

How does the DEC customer donation service work?

The new charity donation button on your Payzone device works in just four simple steps:

  1. On your Payzone device, click the Charity button.

  2. Click on Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal.

  3. Enter the amount the customer wishes to donate, and press Buy.

  4. A receipt will then be printed detailing the donation amount.

How can this help?
All customer donations made to the DEC for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal will directly contribute to the committees’ efforts to provide medical care, temporary shelter, food, water and blankets.

If you have any further questions on the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal or technical queries about how to access this on your Payzone device, please do not hesitate to call the Helpdesk Team on 01606 566 566

Download a Turkey-Syria Poster

Encourage donations to the DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake appeal with posters in 3 different languages.

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