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Energy Price Rises - Help and Guidance

Many of us have been affected by sharp rises in energy prices. If your customers are feeling stuck, see if our guidance can help.

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Sponsoring Our Local Football Team!

To show our support for our local team, Payzone has recently sponsored the Winsford Colts. The team was established in 2010 with the aim of creating football teams for boys and girls of all age groups.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Joseph's Story - Tornagrain Stores

Joseph is a convenience store owner and has been a Payzone retailer for 17 years. He has recently had the new Payzone Plus device installed so we spoke to him to learn more about his experience.

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Help And Advice Services

We have put together a list of useful resources which you or your customers might find helpful during times of trouble.

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E.ON Next Is Now Live

UK customers who have an E.ON Next smart meter, can now top up at their nearest Payzone store or Post Office branch

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Payzone Wins Another Transport Contract

​​Launching in selected locations across South Wales, Payzone has won the exclusive contract with Transport for Wales.

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Raising Money for SANDS

We are excited to announce that our selected charity is none other than Sands.

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Energy Supplier Changes

Customers, especially vulnerable customers, may be concerned about their energy company going out of business.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Andrew's Story - Lansdown Dairy

Andrew owns a retail grocery shop & delicatessen on the high street of a small town centre. He has been a Payzone retailer for a few years and recently switched to the Payzone Plus device.

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Payzone Plus Case Study Blog - Mr Gulati's Story - Borders Stores

Mr Gulati owns a newsagents with an off licence and he became a Payzone retailer a few months ago. He has just signed up for the new Payzone Plus device so we wanted to know how he was finding the service.

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Energy Customer Guidance

If your energy company has ceased trading recently, Ofgem has been working behind the scenes to make sure you will be assigned a new supplier.

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Supporting Customers with Hidden Disabilities

Not every disability can be seen. In the UK, 10 million people have a hidden disability, showing no visual signs that they may require extra support, which is where The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme comes in.