Published: 18/11/2022

Payzone Welcomes Amazon

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We are excited to announce our brand new partnership with Amazon, coming to all Payzone stores across the UK! Retailer can now provide an Amazon top up service in-store, allowing customers to add funds to their Amazon account.

What are Amazon top ups?

Amazon top ups enable customers to purchase credit at their nearest Payzone store for their Amazon account with cash, debit card or a cheque. This means they can make online purchases on Amazon without using a credit or debit card online. When customers make a payment in store, a pin number will be generated on their receipt which they simply add to their Amazon account to access the credit.

This new service will be introduced into every Payzone store across the country, so customers will be able to top up their Amazon account in any store before spending the credit online. 

How does it work?

Providing Amazon top ups is really simple and it will be a great asset to many of your customers, particularly those who mostly deal with cash.

When a customer wants to use the new Amazon service, all they need to do is tell you how much money they would like to spend. When you process the payment, it will generate a receipt with a pin code on for you to give to the customer. All the customer needs to do is to enter the pin number when they log in to their Amazon account to access the funds and purchase through Amazon.

How does it benefit you?

With more customers coming into your store to use the new Amazon top up service, you can expect more footfall and an increase in basket spend. As a retailer, it allows you to expand the range of services you can provide to your customers so they can find everything they need when they visit your store.

With this new service, customers can:

  • Use cash, debit card or a cheque to top up their online Amazon account and then spend that credit when they shop online or through the app.
  • Manage their money better if they are dedicating a set budget towards Amazon spend, rather than using a bank card online.

So, what does this mean for retailers? 

Using our Amazon top up service helps customers to manage their budget better. It means they can save the cash they need to purchase through Amazon, whether that’s a physical product or a movie or TV show through Amazon Prime, and then load that cash onto their Amazon account when they are ready to spend it.

This new service means that you will be able to offer an even wider range of products to your customers, helping them to manage their budget with ease.

Simon Lambert, Commercial Director for Payzone Bill Payments Limited, said: 

“We are excited to be able to offer this great new service in Payzone stores. It allows customers who mainly deal in cash to access online shopping with ease, without the need for a credit card. We hope this will help customers to manage their money better when saving for an online purchase through Amazon as they only need to purchase the credit they wish to spend.”

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