Published: 29/09/2021

What do you need to do if your energy company has ceased trading?

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If your energy company has ceased trading recently, Ofgem has been working behind the scenes to make sure you will be assigned a new supplier. Once this has happened, your new energy company will contact you to notify you they will be supplying your energy. Whilst you will not be left without energy, there may be some uncertainty surrounding topping up your meter. 

If an energy supplier has gone out of business, you should:

  • Take meter readings. You should do this as soon as you find out your energy company has gone bust. This will ensure that you have an accurate record of how much energy you have been using so you won’t end up paying for more than you’ve used. You should take a photograph of the meter so you have evidence.
  • Keep any old bills. These can help prove your payment history, credit balance or any debt there may be on your account.
  • Make a note of your account balance. This will be on your most recent account statement.

Recent changes of suppliers include

Energy Table

We hope that the transition over to your new energy company will be as seamless as possible, but we understand that you may still have some questions and we’ve answered some of your concerns:

  • What do you do if I need to top up my meter?

    You can still top up at your local Payzone store, but Citizens Advice suggests that you should only top up in small amounts so you have enough energy to get you through a few days. If you top up too much, there is a chance your credit may be wiped when your account is transferred over to your new supplier. You can get the money back, but this can take a long time. The important thing to remember is, you will not be without energy during the transition period. You are also advised to take regular notes and photos of your meter readings to confirm your usage and payment activity.

  • When will I get a new key or card?

    Your new energy provider should send you a key or card in the next few weeks so you can top up your new account with ease. In the meantime, you should continue to top up as usual with your old keycard.

  • What do I do if my account is debt?

    If your account is in debt with your old energy provider, this will be carried over onto your new account. This means your account will still be in debt with your new energy provider.

  • What happens if I'm not happy with my new energy supplier?

    If your energy company is chosen by your landlord or housing association, you will not be able to change suppliers yourself. Instead, you should speak to your landlord or housing association. However, if you choose your own energy supplier and are not happy with the new supplier that has been assigned to you, you do not have to stay with them. You can switch to a new supplier without having to pay an exit fee.


    If you are still struggling to make payments and top ups with your new energy supplier, contact your new energy supplier directly via their helpline where they should be able to help you further.

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