Published: 23/08/2021

Accepting Post Office EasyID in your Store

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1.3 million people lose their ID yearly. But did you know that as a Payzone retailer you can now accept Post Office EasyID as a method of identification verification? 

EasyID enables customers to create a reusable digital ID on their phone, which safely stores key details that help them to quickly identify who they are. Thanks to EasyID, customers can:

  • Verify identity details with organisations, remotely or in person.
  • Verify proof of age online, in branches and in retail stores. 
  • Electronically sign documents using EasyID verified details as a higher level of authentication.
  • Store and share details issued by third parties, including staff ID cards and health test results.

Brits spent £18.6m on replacing lost and damaged driving licenses (DVLA, 2017). Using EasyID means there’s no need for customers to carry important documentation such as their passport or driving license, which can be expensive to replace if lost or stolen. 

Post Office EasyID was developed by Yoti.  Yoti was established in 2016 and has over 2.5 million downloads in the UK.  You can accept both EasyID and Yoti.

So how does it benefit you?

As a retailer, EasyID enables you to protect your business by making it easy for you to verify the age of your customers when buying age-restricted products such as tobacco or National Lottery tickets. 89,000 cases of identity fraud in the first half of 2017 (Cifas, 2017) With fake IDs becoming easier to replicate, EasyID goes further to protect the misuse of identification in your store. 

100% Verified 

Customers who are using the EasyID app to prove their age and identity have been verified to the highest standards by leading technology and an expert security team, alleviating pressure on you as a retailer.

It’s Fast 

EasyID is a fast way for your customers to prove who they are, which means faster transactions for you. 

Join the network 

EasyID joins the Yoti ID app, which has over 2.5 million installs in the UK. Together these digital ID apps mean that there’s no need for customers to carry important documentation such as their passport or driving license. You can become part of a growing community of businesses accepting EasyID and Yoti, including 12,000 convenience stores and the national Post Office branch network soon.

How Does it Work?

Before a customer can use EasyID, they need to download the EasyID app from the App Store or Google Play store. To verify a customer’s age in your store with EasyID you can:

  • The customer presents their EasyID app like a normal ID document
  • Check the phone display to see if the customer is aged 18 or over along with their photograph
  • Check that the digital hologram shimmers when the customer phone moves - if it does not move, please ask the customer to move their phone

Payzone retailers will be sent a window decal and shelf wobblers to help promote the EasyID app to customers in-store. If you already have Yoti POS, we advise that you swap any Yoti POS to the new POS that we provide – you can now accept both ID apps.   

Do you have any further questions about EasyID? Please don’t hesitate to contact our Helpdesk on 01606 566 566

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