Published: 25/11/2020

Payzone announces gift card offering in tie up with Blackhawk Network

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  • Payzone announces new deal with leading gift card provider Blackhawk Network in time for the festive season

  • Retailers to earn on average £1 for each gift card sold and also benefit from opportunities to increase basket spend from additional customer footfall

  • New contract highlights Payzone’s significantly strengthened offering to retailers and their customers

Payzone has signed a new contract with Blackhawk Network to supply Payzone stores with the ‘One4All’ and ‘Choice’ gift cards. The partnership comes after a successful roll out of new Blackhawk gift cards throughout the Post Office network earlier this year.

The range at Payzone outlets initially includes six variations of the gift card, including ‘One4All’ Classic, Birthday and Christmas gift cards along with ‘Gamers’ Choice, ‘Fashion Choice’ and Restaurant Choice gift cards. The gift cards will be available to Payzone retailers from 25 November, with Digital Top Up products and an extended range introduced early next year.

Retailers earn on average £1 for every gift card sold and benefit from the opportunity to increase basket spend when consumers come in store to purchase cards. As Christmas approaches and shoppers are on the lookout for an easy gift, it is anticipated that the enhanced proposition will draw in new customers to Payzone outlets, bringing in shoppers outside of the traditional convenience customer base.

Retailers will be provided with the gift cards free of charge, together with a POS stand for their counter. Customers will be able to take their gift card to the till point, pay in cash or via card, and use in store or online with a wide range of brands.

The new contract with Blackhawk follows a series of other significant Payzone wins, including agreements with British Gas and Scottish Power smart metering, adding to the growing list of partnerships secured by Payzone over the past 12 months.

Simon Lambert, Commercial Director at Payzone, said:

“We are delighted to extend the successful partnership already in place with Blackhawk and the Post Office, to support our Payzone retailers in time for the crucial Christmas trading period. The tie up is great news for Payzone and highlights our significantly strengthened and diverse offering for our retailers. Gift cards are also a good way to support the high street during the current lockdown and present an additional revenue opportunity for retailers as we approach the festive season.”

Matt Howe, European MD of Blackhawk Network, said:

 “We are so excited to be partnering with the team at Payzone to start distributing our very own gift cards across their UK estate. This is just in time for Christmas, and being in local stores is paramount to making our gift cards as accessible as possible, when we know that people are looking for the easiest ways to give a gift this year.”

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