Published: 24/06/2020

MPK Garages

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MPK Garages Choose Payzone

Payzone is delighted to welcome MPK Garages to its portfolio of retailers. 

MPK Garages was acquired by Stratford Retail Group in 2018. Trading as Morrisons and Londis, they are one of the UK’s leading forecourt operators in the UK with 29 operating sites across the country. Since the acquisition, Stratford Retail Group has converted its sites into Morrisons Daily franchises and has formed partnerships with petrol filling stations, such as Essar & Texaco. 

Over the next few months, Stratford Retail Group is unleashing its plan to create a world-class retail operation by converting its sites into Morrisons Daily Stores and acquiring other petrol filling station sites. 

For Stratford Retail Group, a world-class retail operation means providing great service as well as a high-quality product range that offers good value to its customers. 

Convenience is also key and that’s where Payzone comes in. 

Why did MPK Garages join Payzone?

MPK Garages wanted to offer their customers additional services that they would value. They began to look into bill payment services as they felt that this would encourage additional footfall into their store. They had heard of Payzone as a few of their stores were already signed up. However, they soon discovered that British Gas, the UK’s largest energy supplier, was exclusive to Payzone and Post Office. 

On contacting Payzone, MPK Garages were impressed with how friendly and supportive the team were. The fantastic customer service and the fact that British Gas is now exclusive to Payzone retailers saw MPK Garages expand the bill payments service across all of their sites. They believe that for many of their customers, the ability to top-up their British Gas cards at their stores will keep them coming back. 

For MPK Garages, choosing Payzone demonstrates their objective: 

“MPK is committed to delivering for our customers by providing great service and high quality, good value product ranges that are convenient for all customers. We want our customers to be able to get what they want, when they need to, as quickly and as simply as possible.”

From May 15th, customers have been able to access Payzone’s bill payments service at all 29 sites. 

“We are delighted to welcome MPK Garages.” Said Martin Rouse, Retail Director at Payzone. “We’re confident that MPK Garages will benefit from extending our service across their stores and we look forward to helping them expand their bill payment offering by partnering with new suppliers over the coming months.”

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