Published: 25/08/2020

E.ON has acquired npower

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You may see a new brand name called E.ON Next on some customers' bills and payment cards.



E.ON has acquired npower and will gradually move npower and E.ON customers' to the new brand E.ON Next over time. Not all customers will be moved right away and at the moment it’s only the first group of npower customers' that will have moved from 1st August.

You can accept payments for these customers' from that date.

This only applies to post-pay customers' paying bills – not pre-payment top-ups or smart meter top-ups.

There’s no change to the bill payment transaction itself – it will still be launched either by scanning the barcode on the customer’s paper bill or on their magnetic card, or by swiping their card. It is simply a new brand name on the customer’s card or paper bill.

If you get any customer enquiries about this, please refer them to E.ON Next – the contact details are below:

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