Published: 27/03/2020

How can I support my local convenience store?


Those who work at your local convenience store are likely to be feeling the pressure of the COVID pandemic. As keyworkers, they work very hard to ensure that the shelves are frequently restocked and that social distancing rules are being followed.  

So, as a customer, what can you do to help?

Wear a mask

By law, you are required to wear a mask when entering a store. So, if you're planning a trip to your local shop, make sure you take one with you. Be respectful of staff if they ask you to put on a mask before you enter. If you refuse to comply, retailers may refuse entry and you could be fined up to £200 by the police. 

Shop local but only when necessary

Independent retailers welcome your custom however, it is important that you follow the government guidelines and only shop when absolutely necessary. So, if you’re visiting your local Payzone retailer, plan ahead and combine paying your bills and topping up with purchasing any groceries that you might need.

Keep your distance

While larger supermarket chains have the capability to oversee that social distancing rules are properly implemented by their staff, smaller independents may not have the ability to oversee this as stringently. Help keep shop workers safe by taking responsibility for yourself and sticking to the 2-metre rule at all times.

Follow basic hygiene rules

If you’re planning to leave your home to visit your local store, wash your hands before you go as not all shops will be able to supply hand sanitiser on entry. If you need to cough or sneeze, use a tissue and dispose of it appropriately.

Don’t panic buy

Recent panic buying has left many vulnerable people without essential items. Shops are working harder than ever to make sure that shelves are fully stocked and people have access to what they need. However, keeping up with demand is challenging when people buy in bulk. Do your bit by shopping considerately.

Be kind

Food retailers, corner shops, newsagents and off-licences are key workers. They are going above and beyond to deliver a service that is essential to our society. They’re working long hours and putting themselves at risk to serve your community. So, be kind. Don’t be rude if they don’t have what you need in stock. Don't be rude if they remind you to adhere to the rules. 

And most of all, say thank you.

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