Published: 10/08/2018

Top tips to energise your customers over this summer

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This summer has been truly scorching. Rainfall has been non-existent and people are out and about as we experience what can only be described as tropical conditions. Think Mallorca, minus the nice beaches and air conditioned hotel rooms to go into. People are hot, sticky and in need of things that cool them down.

We really think this ‘hot hot’ summer presents some great opportunities for your business both on and offline: here are some ideas we’ve had.

Get the summer products out

If you have fans, suncream, BBQs and avocados in stock, now is the time to put them front and centre of your store. In this heatwave, these items are both necessary (in the case of suncream and fans) and desirable (avocados and BBQs). Ensure that you have plenty in stock. It’s all about understanding how extreme weather can affect consumers’ buying patterns. These things will fly off the shelves, and help your cash flow for the summer period. Imagine the feeling a potential customer will have when they can buy a fan from you and take it into their stuffy hot house. Then imagine if the retailer down the road has run out of fans and are struggling to meet the demand. 1-0 to you.

Get involved locally

Summer is a great time to not only provide things that people need, it can also be great for brand exposure. Where are your customers? They aren’t just sitting on their laptops: many are flocking to festivals, fairs and concerts. Why not get yourself a stall at an event so people can get to really know you. If your product is edible or drinkable (even better in this heat) offer a free sample. Let’s face it, free samples are hard to resist. This won’t guarantee that anyone will purchase from you, but perhaps when they see your product in the near future, they will remember the experience (and your kind manners) and come back to make a purchase.

Even if your business doesn’t sell food or drink, there are still ways to give out freebies. You could be a local accountant or electrician simply handing out ice cold water on a hot day. Then maybe somebody will upload a photo of you to Instagram - great exposure if that does happen. Why not offer your services for free to anyone who wins a contest that you host? This can be particularly effective if you offer something people enjoy, like for instance personal training.

Get social

One thing hot weather won’t have a negative effect on is our social media addiction. Whether it’s a heatwave; the latest political debate; or even a new girl entering the Love Island house, you can be sure it will be talked about. It’s a nice way to get your fans engaged. Make sure that you are on multiple platforms because each one can have a different use. Let’s say your business has an Instagram page; why not use it to take lot’s of nice photos. If you have employees, take them for a nice picnic. When some of them are going off to play Frisbee, take photos and upload them to your business’s Instagram page.

You could use Twitter to generate a hashtag around a specific product. Tell customers that you’re offering free samples of your brand new smoothie and that they should come between the hours of 5 and 7 (after work) to try them.

Take a break

What’s that you say, take a break? No this is not a typo. Most people will, at some point, be going away on holiday during the summer. Your customers will all have busy lives too and will use this quiet period to either escape to warmer climates (hard to imagine that right now) or just take some well earned time off. It might not be a bad idea to go lighter with your communications? Firstly it allows your audience to recharge. Many people will want to switch off when they are on holiday, so inundating them with emails and promotions about your product, when all they want to do is get a tan and drink pina coladas, is probably not a sensible idea. It might be better to get in touch in September when people tend to get back to work and to their normal routine.

You might also benefit from time off. A holiday can be really beneficial. Not only do you get to properly rest but it also gives you freedom to be creative and think of new ideas. You’ll come back to the office focused, recharged and ready to roll.

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