Published: 09/03/2018

How to boost your energy levels

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You know the feeling. It’s mid afternoon. You’ve billed your clients, sent a bunch of emails and had back to back meetings. But you’ve hit the wall. Your eyes are glazed over. That big team lunch all of a sudden doesn’t seem like it was such a smart idea. But there is still so much to do, but you have so little energy. This is a tricky situation. Not to fear, we have some solutions to this common problem.

Here are some easy tips to boost up your energy so that you can get back to work ASAP...

How about some exercise?

If you have the time, go out and get those endorphins working through exercise. This doesn’t need to take long. Take half an hour and go for a run, or if you are a member of a local gym, take some time out and get those guns working. You’ll return to your desk refreshed and ready to take on any task that needs to be done. 

Maybe you don’t have the time - that’s okay. If that is the case then go get a coffee.

Just have one - don’t start downing espresso shots Jordan Belfort style. This is just a nice pick me up that will wake you up quickly. If you want to make it a bit more interesting, go for a walk and go out and buy some. That way you can have something a bit more fun than filtered Nescafe.

You could take a nap

If you’re the business owner you can, in theory do what you like (within reason), and a 20-30 minute power nap can sometimes be just the thing that gives you a nice boost of energy. But we stress that a power nap needs to be just that - a nap, not a three hour siesta. Put on an alarm, if you feel you might fall asleep for longer than necessary. Don’t turn this into a regular habit like Homer Simpson - funny as it might sound. Nap if you feel this will help you gain your energy back, not because you can’t be bothered to do work.

Bring out the tunes

Music can be a wonderful tonic for tiredness. So why not blast out a few ‘bangers’ that will get you pumped and motivated for that next business plan or supplier order. Pump up the volume and feel refreshed.

Sometimes it's just as simple as taking a few deep breaths

Hold your diaphragm and take 3 breaths. It’s as simple as 1... 2... 3. Let the air fill in your lungs. You will feel rejuvenated as your blood starts pumping that much quicker. A very underrated pick me up that doesn’t require caffeine or even leaving your office.

But there really isn’t anything wrong with leaving the office and we strongly suggest it if you’re tired...

Take a walk.

Take ten mins (or however much you want) to breathe in the fresh air and just go for a stroll. Walk up the street or to the next street - wherever you want. We can’t promise you’ll feel like Popeye after a spinach fix, but it’s better than being stuck indoors.

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