Published: 20/12/2017

Good habits to adopt in 2018

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It's nearly the new year, so the countdown to 2018 has officially begun. And with a new year brings (you guessed it) resolutions. You’ve likely attempted something to start a new year in the past. Lose weight, start a business, run a marathon, quit smoking. It’s natural that we want to start a year feeling like we can make large changes and achieve great things. Sometimes, for whatever reason, your goal quickly disappears and you revert into your comfort zone.

That stuffed crust pizza or that pint can sometimes be too tempting to resist. Then what happens is that once you make a mistake you revert to type. But, it doesn’t need to be this way: instead of having one resolution to stick to why not instead try and create new habits?

Start reading

We hope you’re doing this already. But if not, this is a fantastic hobby that takes very little effort. Nothing beats reading a good book. Whether it’s a Stephen King Novel; a classic by Dickens or a fantastic piece of non-fiction like Sapiens, there is something for everyone. Reading is fantastic for your mind and a great way to zone out and relax. If this isn’t something you’re dedicating time towards then start 2018 and get reading.

Get proper sleep

The life of a business owner can be tough as we have alluded to in previous posts. But whether you’re a business owner or someone with a busy life, the importance of a good night's rest cannot be overstated. Make 2018 the year where you recharge properly. Stop scrolling at Cat GIFs, drink some hot chocolate and be in bed at a reasonable hour (we suggest 11pm). Try and get between 7-8 hours sleep a night.

Start doing regular exercise

As any personal trainer will know, January usually signals the arrival of plenty of ‘newbies’ to the gym. Many people start the year wanting to remove the Christmas timber, get a washboard stomach or go on a ridiculous crash diet. Why not set yourself something more realistic? Try and make sure that you do 40 mins of exercise between 3-4 times a week. Just try it. This can be anything: a walk, lengths in a swimming pool or a game of squash. Just have a think about what you enjoy and do it! You’ll function much better because of it.

Keep a calendar

You might consider yourself an elephant. Not in appearance, but you might think that you remember everything. Meetings, social plans, etc. But we think your life will be so much easier if you keep a diary of what you are doing. If you have a lot on, it can be very easy to miss something. Why not start 2018 by getting a diary and write out all your plans every day. If you prefer, why not use your calendar on your phone. You’ll find yourself much more likely to stick to arrangements if you have them written down.

Eat and drink better

Whilst you might not wish to go on a Hollywood diet, or buy all your food from Holland and Barrett, having a good diet is really important. And this doesn’t need to be difficult to implement. Minimal changes to your diet can make a huge difference. For instance, instead of crisps why not eat a pack of nuts? Instead of going for a pizza, have some delicious sushi. Stop going for a Venti Grande Mocha from Starbucks every morning. Save some money, and go for an Americano instead. Buy a NutriBullet and pack it with all your favourite fruit and vegetables - a great way to get in your ‘5 a day’ in no time. Improving your diet will give you more energy which is fantastic for business and life in general.

Become nicer

Nothing beats acts of kindness, which is why you should make 2018 the year you become kinder. The great thing about this is there are so many ways that this can be done. You could volunteer at a local soup kitchen or visit an old age home and chat to the residents. Organise a coffee morning in aid of a charity. But you can also help people in your daily life through other random acts. If you see someone struggling with their shopping, help them take it to their car. There are literally countless examples of things you could do for other people. It’s a great habit to incorporate into your life. You will be helping someone less fortunate and in turn you will feel better about yourself.

And last but by no means least …

Appreciate the good things

Unfortunately we live in a cynical world. We love a good old moan, whether it’s about the weather, the government or just the general state of society. But we think it’s just plain boring to look at the negatives all the time. Why not look at the positives in your life. Start appreciating what you have and not what you don’t have. It’s easy to look at others and assume the ‘grass is always greener’. Make 2018 the year you get rid of this unhelpful negativity and be more grateful for what you already have. Everyone is great in their own way, embrace that.

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