Phil Visits the Trussell Trust in Leeds


Trussell Trust operates over 1,200 food banks in the UK. Since partnering with them, a number of Payzone and Post Office retailers have set up their own collection points in-store to take donations which can be distributed within the local area. To learn more about the fantastic work the Trussell Trust are doing within communities around the UK, our staff have been visiting their local food banks to see their efforts first hand.

We join Phil Turner, Head of Retail Proposition.

I set up a Payzone store food bank collection point at my Leeds North West food bank depot. On the day, I met Cliff, the Logistics Manager at the depot. Cliff showed me how the food donations are collected, how they are weighed, how to check the use-by dates and how the items are sorted.

He then showed me how the boxes of food are put together – and depending on their circumstances (religion, vegan etc), what goes in the box. They had plenty of pasta and tinned food but were short of items such as custard, powdered milk, jam and mash potato. Cliff explained that the food with short use-by dates doesn’t go to waste. It’s all sent to a local café who make food for the homeless and disadvantaged.

Volunteering with Trussell Trust makes such a difference to the local community and every hour helping them is well spent. The Trussell Trust works towards helping people to not need the food bank in the future. They learn about a person’s situation and offer financial advice and support where they can.

Working with Trussell Trust has helped me to understand how vital this area of support is for vulnerable people who have to decide between paying for their gas and electricity or buying food for their families.

I will continue to volunteer at my local Trussell Trust food bank regularly and I will also be working with Payzone retailers to set up more food collection points."



Support your local community by setting up your own food bank collection point in your Payzone store. Find out more about our partnership with the Trussell Trust and what you can do to get involved here.

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The demand for foodbank services has increased significantly over recent years and Trussell Trust runs over 1,300 of the UK’s foodbanks.

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