Jade Visits the Trussell Trust in Barnton


Trussell Trust operates over 1,200 food banks in the UK. Since partnering with them, a number of Payzone and Post Office retailers have set up their own collection points in-store to take donations which can be distributed within the local area. To learn more about the fantastic work the Trussell Trust are doing within communities around the UK, our staff have been visiting their local food banks to see their efforts first hand.

We join Jade Beech, our Operations Analyst.

Jade Beech recently went to her local Payzone store in Barnton to purchase items for the food bank then paid a visit to the Trussell Trust in Northwich to see the work they were doing. Here is what Jade had to say about the experience.

“I decided to shop at my local Payzone store in Barnton so I could top-up my donation box for Trussell Trust. While I was there, I spoke with the Store Manager about the work that Payzone was doing to support the Trussell Trust. He was very interested in what we were doing for our community and he also kindly donated two bags of rice and pasta.

 I then met up with volunteers Sue, Rosemary and Bill from Winsford Christ Church Distribution Centre. They showed me what food and toiletries are included in each donation package. They explained that the packages they put together are designed to keep a family supported for 3-7 days.

 My experience at Winsford Christ Church Distribution Centre taught me just how much charities like the Trussell Trust actually do for families in need. Many families face tough choices and find themselves having to choose between the daily necessities. It’s families like these who depend on Trussell Trust. Not only do they support them with food packages, but they also offer assistance with the impact that living in poverty has on their mental health.

 I have been researching more about child poverty in this country and I was shocked to discover that out of a school class of thirty children, nine of them do not have enough food to eat.

 14 million people in this country live in poverty and sadly, the pandemic isn’t helping. When I spoke to bill Bill, the driver for Christ Church Distribution Centre, he told me that the number of people who are struggling in our local community is on the rise.

 He explained that he was dropping food parcels at the doors of vulnerable families, and those who are still shielding from COVID-19. He told me that he doesn’t leave until he sees that the food parcel was taken into the home. In his words, “I at least now know that family can eat for the next 3-7 days.”

 Working with Sue, Rosemary and Bill from Winsford Christ Church Distribution Centre and realising how many people are in poverty in the UK was an eye-opener for me. I now know how much people depend on the Trussell Trust just to get through everyday life.

 I will continue to support Trussell Trust as much as possible, whether this is donating food and money or, volunteering in my spare time.”



Support your local community by setting up your own food bank collection point in your Payzone store. Find out more about our partnership with the Trussell Trust and what you can do to get involved here.

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The demand for foodbank services has increased significantly over recent years and Trussell Trust runs over 1,300 of the UK’s foodbanks.

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