Published: 01/09/2020

Manpreet is supporting the Trussell Trust

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Payzone, together with the Post Office, recently partnered with the Trussell Trust. Since then, many of our retailers have jumped at the opportunity to host a food bank collection point in their store. 

Say hello to Manpreet. He decided to host a food collection point at his store based in Shenstone, West Midlands. 

At 21 years of age, Manpreet is probably one of the youngest Payzone retailers. However, he has plenty of experience when it comes to running a convenience store. For over 30 years, his parents ran a successful convenience store in Birmingham, before setting up an additional shop in rural Shenstone. 

Manpreet and his family have always strived to connect with their customers in the local area, participating in numerous community projects. For example, they once hosted a raffle offering a selection of food and drink as the prize, donating the money they raised to a local charity.

So, when Manpreet received a phone call from his Account Manager, Issac at Payzone telling him all about the Trussell Trust, he was keen to be involved. 

Manpreet contacted his local food bank to find out more about what items they needed the most. He set up a collection point in his shop and spread the word to his customers.

“I was more than happy to give my support to the Trussell Trust.” Commented Manpreet. “It’s important to support those who are vulnerable within the community, especially in the current circumstances. We are encouraging our customers to donate what they can. Our Payzone Account Manager Isacc has even said when we fill 5 carrier bags, he’ll take the donations to the local food bank in person!” 

Being part of the local community is one of the reasons why Manpreet and his family are successful when it comes to running a convenience store. They listen to their customers and ensure that they offer services that are valuable to them.

Manpreet and his family offer access to bill payment services in both of their stores through Payzone. In Shenstone in particular, this service is vital to those living in the rural community as they don’t have to travel far to top-up their mobile phone or pay their utility bills. 

When we asked Manpreet why he chose to offer a bill payment solution through Payzone, he said: “Payzone offers quality customer service and a great price point for bill payment services via their terminal.”

Listening to his customers’ needs has also resulted in Manpreet expanding the type of items he sells in his store. He now offers fresh fruit and vegetables and is looking to introduce food2go over the coming months. Are you interested in hosting a food collection point on behalf of the Trussell Trust? Click here to find out how.

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Trussell Trust

The demand for foodbank services has increased significantly over recent years and Trussell Trust runs over 1,300 of the UK’s foodbanks.

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