Published: 04/06/2019

Where to advertise a job post

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So, after reading our previous post on how to write a job description, you should have it ready to go.

Now comes the next part of the process: getting it out there so potential candidates can find it.

There are many places that you can place your ad, and a lot of them are cheap, or even free. Let’s take a look.

Job sites

This is the obvious one. A lot of people nowadays will head straight to a job website or search engine such as Indeed or Monster to look for a new job.

You can post a job listing on there for free, or pay a fee for boosted job posts, which will get you more interest.

The main benefit is the amount of people your job description will reach. And there are niche ones out there too, such as if you’re specifically looking for sales people, or work in the travel industry, for example.

Use what you’ve got!

Another option is to place your ad somewhere in your premises (if you have one), so that it is visible for people who walk by or come into your store.

Make sure you use a big header to grab people’s attention, like ‘help wanted’, for example.

Also make sure you and any other staff can answer any potential applicant’s questions after they’ve spotted your ad. If you have some printouts of the job description, you can hand these out when people ask about it.

This is a great way to find someone local to you.

Job boards (the old fashioned type)

Have a look around your local town, village or city to see where if you can find a physical job board. Or a quick Google search should tell you where they are.

Think about places where people will go. It could be your local post office, library or even a local church might have one. If you’re based within a shopping centre or market, a lot will have a jobs board too.

Check out Instaprint, or other similar sites where you can create some flyers for a fairly cheap price. Or you could keep it even simpler and print them out at home yourself.

Your local paper

Most local papers will have a jobs section, usually at the back. You can create a small ad and, for a small price, get it printed in it.

It’s a great way to reach lots of people, plus, a lot of papers will have an online version too.

It’s not always the quickest way to advertise though, so keep that in mind if you need someone immediately.

Social media

Plenty of companies advertise their jobs via platforms like Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, so this might be something you could consider if you have a page set up.

And as you might expect, advertising a job description via social will give you a potentially bigger pool of candidates.

It’s also a really cost effective way to get your ad out there - if you have customers who follow you, you can ask them to share the ad post, or tag anyone they think might be interested. And that costs you nothing.

Linkedin in particular is used by a lot of businesses to find the right candidates - if you have a good selection of relevant connections, they could help you find who you’re looking for!

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