Published: 05/11/2019

How to do an elevator pitch

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What is an elevator pitch? 

If you have seen shows like Dragons Den or The Apprentice then there is no doubt you will have come across an elevator pitch. It is an overview of what your business does in a short and concise manner. 

The idea is that it should hit the point of what you do in such a way that anybody can understand it and ideally in the time it takes to ride an elevator (a couple of minutes max) - hence the name. 

Here’s how to create an effective elevator pitch:

1. Who are you?

It sounds obvious, but it’s important to make this clear from the outset and get to the point quickly. Give your name and a summary of your position. For example, “I’m John Smith, and I’m the managing director of ‘123 Bargain Baby Clothes Ltd”.

You can give a quick overview of your background and experience, and a firm handshake and a “nice to meet you” is always a good addition too!

2. What do you do?

Note down what your business does - what products and services you offer, and what you do day to day within the business. Remember, your pitch should promote your business, so write down all the points you want to make and pick out the key ones.

3. Who are your customers?

Write down who your target audience is, what makes them tick? In 123 Bargain Baby Clothes Ltd’s case, it would be mothers and expectant mothers who are on a budget, looking for value for money clothes for their baby.

4. What makes you different?

This doesn’t need to be groundbreaking - it could be your past experience or something your business offers, like exceptional customer service.

5. What are your goals? 

Again, this doesn’t need to be ground breaking - it could be increasing your sales or reaching out to new customers.

6. Give a call to action

Now that you know what you’re going to say in your pitch, allow those who are listening to have the opportunity to follow up. Give them time to think about what you have said but ensure that you give them something to do. A business card works well here.

Practice, practice, practice

Once you have crafted your pitch and written it up, remember to practice it. You want to sound convincing when you are speaking to people, and the best way to sound confident is by being comfortable in what you’re saying. So the more you practice the better you will be for it.

You can do this in front of a mirror at home or even practice with a friend or family member.

When you are in a pitching scenario remember to be adaptable when necessary. If you feel the tone of the conversation is more relaxed don’t try and sound robotic when you are explaining what you do. Adjust to the nature of the audience and setting. But still, ensure that you are properly prepared.


David Goulden Copywriter
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