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Social Toolkit

Social Media Toolkit: Winter Edition

Promote your services on social media and let your customers know they can pay their energy bills and top up their prepayment meters in your store.

Did you know you can top up in our shop graphic with energy brand logos
Social Toolkit

Posting On Social Media - Support & Examples To Use

When posting on social media, the content you share should be useful and helpful for your customers. You could shine a spotlight on products you have on offer or remind them of the great services they can access in your store.

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Social Toolkit

How to Create a Facebook Page for your Store

Setting up a Facebook page for your business will help you connect with customers, share updates about your store, and reach new potential customers. Learn how to set a Facebook Business page here.

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Social Toolkit

How to Create a Twitter Account for your Store

Twitter is a powerful social media platform that can help you build relationships with customers and market your products. Learn how to set up your Twitter Business account here.

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Social Toolkit

How to Create a Google My Business Page for your Store

Creating a Google My Business page for your store will increase visibility and enhance your online presence, allowing you to showcase your store's products and services. Learn how to set up your Google My Business page here.