Published: 03/11/2021

Mr Gulati's Story - Boarders Superstore

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Mr Gulati's Story

Mr Gulati owns a newsagents with an off licence and he became a Payzone retailer a few months ago. He has just signed up for the new Payzone Plus device so we wanted to know how he was finding the service.


“My shop is quite small so there is not a lot of space for customers to queue up. The faster Payzone Plus terminal means that I can serve customers quicker so the queues don’t get too long.”



A lot of our customers were let down when Payzone took over the British Gas contract as they no longer knew where to pay their bills. I really wanted to service those customers by enabling them to keep paying their British Gas bills or topping up in our store. I knew Payzone now had the British Gas contract so it made sense to us to install a Payzone device in our store.


When I signed up for the new Payzone Plus device, the onboarding process was very simple. They sent the device directly to my store and I was able to set it up with ease as it was very straightforward. The device is connected to the wifi, rather than the phone line, so it is much quicker. This allows me to service more customers in less time as the device is much faster than I am used to. My store is quite small so there is not a great deal of space for people to queue while they are waiting to be served. Because the Payzone Plus device is much faster, I can serve customers very quickly which helps to avoid big queues in my store. Another great benefit is that the device is really small and compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on my countertop.


A lot of our customers were left hanging when PayPoint lost the British Gas contract as they no longer knew where to go. Since joining Payzone and installing my Payzone Plus device, I can now service the customers in my community again as they can continue to pay their British Gas bills in my store. Currently, we are only providing bill payments and top ups but would certainly consider using the card payment service in the future as well. The new Payzone Plus device is much faster than I am used to so I can serve more customers in less time.

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