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Smart meter top-ups for Bulb are now available in Payzone stores and Post Office branches. This is in addition to the electricity barcoded bill payments we already offer for Bulb.

Our new Bulb Barcoded Bill Payment service allows customers with a prepayment smart meter to top up their electricity over the counter at one of our Payzone stores or Post Office branches. All they need to do is bring their smart meter card or barcoded bill with them to top up via retailer terminals or over the counter at their store. Bulb customers without a prepaid meter can still pay their bills over the counter at all Payzone stores and Post Office branches.

Simon Lambert, Commercial Director for Payzone UK, has said:

We are pleased to announce our new bill payment solutions with Bulb and the expansion of services we are able to offer to retailers and customers alike. Bulb is the latest in a long line of energy contract acquisitions that we can add to our Payzone portfolio, benefiting retailers and customers at a crucial time.”

About Payzone’s Bill Payment Solutions:

For over 30 years, Payzone has provided card and bill payment services to independent retailers and retail groups across the UK. We work hard to provide payment solutions for retailers, businesses and customers. Payzone offers bill payment solutions for several leading utility companies including Scottish Power and British Gas. We are pleased to announce that we’re now offering Bulb bill payment solutions in all our 24,000 Payzone stores and Post Office branches.Together, Payzone and the Post Office have over 24,000 UK wide stores and branches.

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