Published: 24/12/2019

How to get a Payzone Bill Payments terminal in my store

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Considering bill payment services for your store? Discover how easy it is to offer bill payments with Payzone.

So, you’re a convenience store owner looking at introducing Payzone Bill Payments, but you’re not quite sure about what to do, where to start or how it works. The Payzone set-up process is quick and easy, so we’re here to talk you through it step-by-step.

1. Make an enquiry

We can set up everything over the phone. You can either fill out our enquiry form to request a call back at a suitable time or call us now on 0800 056 6015. While on the phone, our sales team will fill out the application form.

2. Apply for your Payzone terminal

After carrying out a few simple checks, we’ll send your application back electronically (which only takes a few seconds!) or through the post for you to sign if needed. You’ll then have to provide a few forms of ID. Once the checks are approved, we will order your Payzone Bill Payments terminal.

3. Arrange installation of your terminal

Upon completion of the application, we’ll arrange the installation of your new Payzone Bill Payments terminal. Our installation company can text you on the day, an hour before they are due out to install the terminal.

4. You’re good to go!

Your terminal will be installed within 14 days. As soon as the installation is complete, you’re ready to start taking Payzone Bill Payments in your store!

Ready to order a Payzone Bill Payments tablet for your store?

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OK - you’ve seen how simple the process is but you might still be thinking, ‘why should I become a Payzone Retailer?’

  • New Customers. It’s simple - new services, new faces. You’ll be driving additional footfall.
  • Increased Revenue. New Payzone customers will be tempted to buy extra products in your store when paying their bills.
  • Earn Commission. You can earn a commission with every transaction made through your Payzone Tablet.
  • Support the Community. Gain popularity within your local community by offering flexible and useful services.
  • Promotion of your store. Benefit from free shop signage and website listing to promote your location to customers.
  • Free Training & Installation. We’ll make sure you're confident in using our fast, reliable and easy to use Payzone Tablet.

What other shop owners are saying…

"Payzone offers all of the services that I think my customers will want."

"Lots of other shops in my area offer a Bill Payments service."

"I'll be given a full run-through of how to use the terminal when it's installed."

"I'm confident that any issues will be dealt with because I've had good customer service so far."


Join our network of 25,000+ Payzone retailers today and start taking bill payments in your store.

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