Published: 06/10/2022

Community Support From Utilita Energy Hubs


The first Utilita Energy Hub opened in 2018 as there was a demand to bring face to face dialogue to the retail energy sector. Since then, they have opened multiple hubs around the UK to serve local communities - and be part of them. Paula is an Energy Expert at a Utilita Energy Hub in Derby and has worked there since the beginning of 2020. We wanted to find out more about the great work people like Paula are doing at the Utilita Energy Hub and who they can help.

Who is the Utilita Energy Hub for? 

Our Hubs are not about retail. They’re about communicating with anyone and everyone who’s interested in receiving face-to-face energy efficiency advice – and a whole lot more. 

What services are available at the Hub? 

The services available include top-ups, account health checks, free use of the community room, energy efficiency advice, energy bill assistance, ECO scheme advice and energy-saving products.

Customers can also top up and pay bills through Payzone in Utilita hubs nationwide. 

Do you need to be a Utilita customer to use the services available at a hub? 

No, not at all. Just like our national Energy High 5 campaign, which has reached 4 million households, you don’t have to be a Utilita customer to enjoy the benefits. 

What types of questions do customers tend to ask when visiting the hub? 

Wow! That's a tricky one as anything energy is fair game. I’d say over the last six months people have been taking a much bigger interest in the energy price cap, wanting to know what it is and why is it so high? This is usually followed by: “How can I save on my energy bills?” Thankfully, we can look at a customer’s usage and provide tailored advice to reduce it and, in turn, their spend.

Are you seeing an increase in people coming into the Hub? 

Yes, footfall is going up week on week, particularly since Payzone went live, as more and more people get to know us and the services we offer. Of course, the cost-of-living crisis is having an impact too. It’s fair to say people’s interest in energy and their subsequent spending is very high right now.

Have you had customers coming in to pay other bills through Payzone?

Yes, people come in to pay for a variety of services, including Utilita bill payments and top ups.

What is the main thing you want customers to benefit from as a result of visiting the hub? 

Simply that we’re here. We’re bringing energy back to Britain’s high streets in every sense and we want to help.

What do you enjoy most about the job?

Meeting new people and giving them meaningful advice that will help reduce their energy spend.

It’s clear to see that the Derby Utilita Energy Hub is doing great work to support their local community. Paula, like many others who work in the Hub, is keen to provide energy saving advice and help customers with their energy accounts. If this sounds like something you could also benefit from, you can find your nearest Utilita Hub here.

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