Published: 27/03/2020

Covid-19: How Can I Pay My Bills and Top-up?


If you use a prepayment meter to top-up your gas and electricity, you may be worried about how you can continue to do this amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

However, we would like to reassure you that there are different options available to you. We are working very hard with our retailers and suppliers to ensure that customers are not left without gas and electricity.

So, as a customer, what do you need to know?

You can still visit Payzone retailers

Food retailers, corner shops, newsagents and off-licences have been identified as key services by the government and are allowed to remain open. As a majority of our Payzone terminals are accessed by visiting these types of retailers, we can continue to offer our bill payment services.

We acknowledge that some retailers may have to close as a result of Covid-19 but you can still find your nearest retailer by using our Store Locator. We are updating this daily so that it reflects any store closures in the area.

You can use your local Post Office 

Payzone is proud to be partnered with the Post Office. Post Office branches can also remain open because they are also deemed as a key service. This means that you can also visit your local Post Office to make any bill payments or top-up. While some branches have had to close temporarily, a majority remain open. You can use the Branch Finder to find your nearest one and check any changes to opening hours.

For more information about making payments at the Post Office, click here.

What should you do if you are still struggling to top-up?

Even though there will be Payzone stores and Post Offices open in your area, you may still struggle to pay your bills and top-up if you’re self-isolating or can’t get yourself there. If this is your situation, what should you do?

Ask somebody to top-up on your behalf

If you can’t leave the house because you’re self-isolating, ask a trusted family member, friend or a helpful neighbour to visit your local Payzone store or Post Office on your behalf.

Contact your supplier

If you do not have anyone that can visit a Payzone store or Post Office on your behalf, you should contact your supplier directly and they should have emergency contingency measures in place to support vulnerable customers during this time.

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