Published: 16/04/2020

Asif's Story

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Asif’s Glasgow City shop was one of the first independent retailers to offer a 24h service, over 20 years ago. Asif and his family have built a successful business that focuses on the needs of their customers. That means providing the products and services that their customers want when they need them. For Asif, the ability to offer bill payment and top-up service was important, especially as his shop is conveniently placed in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. 


“Most people will pick up an extra pint of milk or a couple of Mars Bars for their kids. It all adds up over the course of a year and really does provide great value.”


We asked Asif why he joined Payzone.

Previous to Payzone, I was with another provider but we decided to look into other options once our contract had ended as they were expensive. I still wanted to be able to offer my customers somewhere to pay their bills and top-up. Lots of people rely on that kind of service because it is so easy and convenient. Payzone seemed much more affordable in comparison. So, I joined Payzone and I have been a customer for nearly two years now. 

So far, I am happy with the service I’ve had from Payzone, they are always very helpful over the phone. Payzone has changed from what it used to be in my opinion. It was always thought of as just a service you can use to top-up mobile phones. But now, you can do so much more. They have increased the number of suppliers they work with, for example, welcoming British Gas on board. 

That was a big one for us and it has certainly made a difference to the number of customers visiting the store. The key to running a successful store is to get the customer through the door, and Payzone helps us to achieve that. If you can get them through the door, you find that they usually buy other items while they’re there. It’s convenient for them. 

I’ve also heard that Payzone is upgrading their terminals, which is great. They are putting a lot of time and energy into continuously upgrading their service and I’m feeling the benefits of that. 



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Case Studies

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Case Studies

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