Published: 17/02/2021

What Is Android Pay?

Card Payments

The days of simply paying by cash are long gone. Even choosing which debit card to pay with is becoming a thing of the past. Contactless payments are becoming more common and the convenience of being able to pay on a mobile device means that many people now go to the shops without even taking a purse or wallet with them.

So, what mobile payments are available and how can you set them up? In this blog you will learn:

  • Different types of payment method
  • What is Android pay?
  • How do I set up Android pay?
  • How do I use Android pay?
  • Is Android pay safe?
  • Can I accept Android pay in my store?

Different types of payment method

The most widely used payment methods are cash and credit or debit card. However, in recent years, contactless payments have become more popular. This means that more people are making payments in shops by tapping their mobile device, debit or credit cards onto the contactless payment terminal. Contactless mobile payment only works if you have the Samsung pay, Apple pay, Android pay or Google pay app installed on your iPhone or Android device.

What is Android pay?

Android pay is the old name of Google pay. It is a digital wallet that stores your card details on a mobile app so you can use your device to make contactless payments. Android or Google pay allows you to make payments by holding your mobile device over a card reader to complete a payment, without the need to even carry your purse or wallet.

How do I set up Android pay?

Most banks support Android pay so it is really easy to set up if you have a mobile phone. Simply download the Google pay app and start adding your cards to your digital wallet. You might be able to scan your card details to upload them into the app or you will have to enter them manually. Google pay also allows you to store gift cards, loyalty cards, rewards and memberships in your digital wallet.


How do I use Android pay?

Android pay, or Google pay, works using near field communication (NFC) so that you can make secure transactions from your smartphone. All you need to do is unlock your phone and hold it up to the card reader without even opening up your banking app. Of course, you will need to have Android or Google pay set up on your phone first, but once your cards have been added, all you have to do is use biometrics or enter a passcode to make a payment.

Is Android pay safe?

Just like Apple pay and contactless payment methods, Android or Google pay is often safer than using a debit or credit card. Depending on what mobile device you have, you will probably be asked to use biometrics stored on your phone, such as your fingerprint, or enter a pin, password or pattern to verify your payment. This is what makes mobile payments more secure than using your card as it is much more difficult for someone else to make a payment from your phone without this information.

Can I accept Android pay in my store?

If you are a store owner, you want to be sure that you have the right systems in place so that you can serve your customers efficiently and make it easy for them to purchase. Most card terminals that accept contactless payments will also accept Apple, Android or Google pay. As these are the most popular digital payment methods, you should probably double check that your card reader accepts contactless payments from Android or Google pay.

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