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British Gas

Help Customers Find Me for British Gas

Worried about customers being able to find you to pay their British Gas bills? Find your store on our map or make the switch now to become a Payzone retailer.

British Gas

Other Services Provided by Payzone

Find out how much you can offer your customers beyond utility bill payments on your Payzone device.

British Gas

Promoting British Gas in my store

Congratulations, you’ve made the switch. But how can you make sure your customers know you are now accepting British Gas bill payments?

British Gas

Other Bills Payable with Payzone

Find out which other bills are payable using Payzone in your local store.

Latest News

Raising Money for SANDS

We are excited to announce that our selected charity for 2020 is none other than SANDS.

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7 ways to prepare for a networking event

Here are some great tips to help you get the most out of a networking event

British Gas

British Gas Reverses £5 Minimum Spend

British Gas has reversed the recent change to their £5 minimum spend rule for meter top-ups. Find out more about this change and how it affects you.

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Dealing with angry customers in your restaurant

Payzone card reader
Product Information

What is a card reader and how do they work

Find out everything you need to know about card readers...

Latest News

Payzone Fundraising for St Luke’s (Cheshire) Hospice

We are proud to announce that we have raised an impressive £12,390.25 for St Luke's Hospice! Find out more about the weird and wonderful fundraising efforts here at Payzone.

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How to successfully promote a product

Promote your items well and the sales will follow, so check out our 11 must-know tactics for successfully promoting a product and put yourself ahead of the competition.

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Making good choices for the environment

Find out what you need to do to reduce your shop’s environmental impact.

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