Published: 09/03/2020

How could accepting British Gas bill payments increase your revenue?

British Gas

Payzone and Post Office now has an exclusive contract with British Gas.

If you don’t have a Payzone terminal, you could be losing out on hundreds of customers. However, if you make the switch now, you could retain your existing customers, welcome new ones and increase your revenue. Don’t let the flame burn out. Switch to Payzone now.

So, how can our exclusive new British Gas contract help you to make more money? By switching now, there are lots of ways you can increase your revenue... 

More Customers

Not all retailers in your local area will make the switch to Payzone, and there are around 1.8 million British Gas customers across the UK. That means hundreds of customers will need to find a new local shop to pay their British Gas bill. By switching to Payzone, not only could you retain your existing customers, but you could welcome new customers into your store. More footfall in your store means more revenue for you.

Don’t leave your customers out in the cold this winter. Give them a warm welcome and become their new local by making the switch to Payzone.

Lower Terminal Rental

Sick of paying extortionate rental fees for your bill payments terminal? By staying with your current bill payments service, you could be losing out on thousands of British Gas customers AND paying more than you need to.

Reduce your outgoings and increase your revenue when you switch to Payzone. While our competitors charge at least £10 per week for terminal rental, we will only charge you 99p plus VAT. That means you could save around £450 a year!

Not only will you save by switching to Payzone, but you can also earn more money in-store. More customers paying their British Gas bills means more footfall in-store, more commission when you take bill payments through your Payzone terminal and more people likely to make a purchase.

You wouldn’t want to miss out, would you?

More Revenue

With our exclusive British Gas partnership, there will be more customers flocking to a Payzone store to pay their bills and top up. That means more bill payments through your terminal and more customers increasing basket spend in your store. 

New customers will likely make their convenience purchases in your store. After all, they are already coming to your store to pay their bills so they might as well buy a pint of milk or loaf of bread while they are there.

More footfall into your store and increased basket spend means more revenue for you.


Once you have welcomed customers into your store to pay their bills, you can upsell other services. Your customers may not want or need to make another purchase every time they come to pay a bill. However, you should use the opportunity to make them aware of the other services you offer.

Do you have signage advertising parcel collection? Are mobile phone top-ups clearly displayed? Although you’re not limited to upselling Payzone services, everything you do sell is more money in your pocket.

What else do you sell in your store that is tempting for customers to grab on the go? Think about displaying these items close to your Payzone terminal and make it easy for your customers to complete impulse purchases. 

A man passes a British Gas top-up card to another person
British Gas

Promoting British Gas in my store

Congratulations, you’ve made the switch. But how can you make sure your customers know you are now accepting British Gas bill payments?

Payzone services window poster
British Gas

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British Gas

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