Published: 17/05/2023

5 Ways to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage


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5 Ways to Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

Managing inventory is an essential part of running a successful business. Inventory shrinkage is the difference between what should be in stock and what actually is in stock. It happens due to theft, damages, or other factors. Lowering inventory shrinkage can help businesses save money by controlling the amount of stock they need to purchase or replace. 

Here are five ways to reduce your business’s inventory shrinkage:


1. Step up Security Measures

Installing CCTV cameras and introducing barcodes or RFID tags can help you detect any unauthorised removal of goods from warehouses and stores. This will make it easier for you to take the necessary steps to prevent theft.

2. Implement Regular Audits

Conducting regular audits of your inventory can help you stay on top of any changes in stock levels. It is also a great way to identify any potential issues that could lead to shrinkage, such as incorrect pricing or coding errors.


3. Improve Inventory Management Practices

Introducing better management practices can help reduce inventory shrinkage by ensuring all measures are in place for all goods being stocked, sold, and returned.


4. Offer Staff Training

Investing in staff training can equip them with the skills they need to properly handle inventory. This can help to reduce errors in stocktaking and ensure better accuracy when it comes to ordering, receiving, distributing, and returning goods.


5. Use Advanced Technology

Automating your inventory management processes with advanced technology such as AI-powered software can enable you to track and monitor changes in stock levels in real-time.


By taking these steps, you can reduce inventory shrinkage and improve your business’s overall efficiency. Implementing the right strategies will not only save money but also lead to greater customer satisfaction due to improved services!

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