Utility Bill Payment Services for Retailers

Become a One-Stop-Shop for Utilities & Bill Payments

Offer your customers utility bill payment services in your store and give them a convenient way to pay their gas, electricity, rent, council tax, water and more.

With exclusive contracts with British Gas and Jersey Electricity, as well as an offering for Utilita, ScottishPower, United Utilities and many more. Utility bill payment services are a great way to drive footfall to your store.

What Services can I Provide?

Our Most Popular Water, Energy & Gas Suppliers

We work in partnership with the top energy and gas suppliers in the UK, including Scottish Power, Eon, npower and EDF and the majority of the smaller suppliers. We also work with other utility providers including United Utilities and various councils across the country, depending on your location.

What our Retailers have to say

“Since British Gas became exclusive to Payzone, we’ve welcomed lots of new customers, which has helped to boost sales in-store.”

Fizzy, Retailer

Give customers everything they need with Payzone Plus

Become an essential part of the community by offering bill payments, card acceptance, parcel services, gift cards and so much more # for just £8.55* a week! As a Payzone Plus retailer, you can also provide Jisp Scan & Save, earn commission on transactions through your Payzone terminal and increase your footfall by introducing new services.

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Transport & Ticketing

With regional transport tickets available, you can offer tailored services for your area. Customers can top up travel cards, pre-purchase and pick up tickets from providers including National Express Bus, National Express Coach, Dart Charge, Mersey Crossing and Transport for West Midlands.

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Become a super-agent and drive additional footfall to your store

Lotto & Online Gaming

Become a one-stop shop for customers to top up their online gaming accounts and purchase lotto tickets. Some of our partners include The Health Lottery, Lotto Social, Neosurf and Pokerstars, to name a few.

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