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Payzone Bill Payments, Post Office and Retailers.

It has the potential to be a powerful new partnership - a partnership that offers the vulnerable, the elderly and those who can’t pay their bills online the choice and convenience they deserve. But what exactly does the new Post Office partnership mean for retailers? Let’s find out.

Negotiating a Better Deal for Retailers

Post Office partnership puts us in an even stronger position to compete for new bill payments contracts. This is great news for retailers, who can now offer more exclusive services, driving more customers into their stores.

Greater Choice for Retailers

Now that Payzone Bill Payments has become part of Post Office, we will be able to offer even greater choice and convenience to our retailers. Together, we will be releasing some of the services currently offered at a Post Office into our Payzone stores, providing our retailers with more opportunities to earn commission.

Serving Over 24,000 Locations

Teaming up with Post Office means we can now service customers in over 24,000 locations right across the UK. This is great news for customers, who now have more choice when paying their bills.

Even Better Service for Retailers

We’re already a 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot - how much better can our service get? Well, with the help of Post Office, we’re determined to find out. Expect more products and services, competitive pricing and better customer service with Payzone Bill Payments.

New, Exclusive Services

You asked for new services, and that's exactly what we've delivered. In 12 months, together with Post Office, we've been able to lock down several new contracts, including exclusive deals with Scottish Power and British Gas. Who knows - we could have one… or two… bigger, exclusive contracts just around the corner.

A Post Office Commitment to Retailers

As part of our new partnership with Post Office, we’re making a fresh, new commitment to our retailers. That includes new products and services, competitive pricing, FREE new external and in store signage and a 7 day a week customer service team. A commitment we think you deserve.

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