How do I pay my United Utilities Bill?

You can pay your United Utilities bill by presenting your barcoded bill at a Payzone or Post Office store, via direct debit directly through United Utilities, by making payments over the phone, or online. The amount you will be charged by United Utilities will depend on the type of account you have; metered or unmetered. 

Metered bill payments

For metered billing accounts, water supply is charged at £3.08 per cubic metre (roughly 1000 litres of water) and this includes wastewater. £37.16 a year is also added for fixed water charges. These rates are subject to change annually. 

Unmetered bill payments

For unmetered billing accounts with United Utilities, the amount you are charged will incorporate water supply and wastewater. The cost of your water supply is based on the rateable value of your home, rather than how much water you use. Fixed charges for waste management as well as pipe and drainage maintenance are also applied and will depend on what area you live in. 

Prepayment Meter Top Up

You can top up your prepayment meter with United Utilities at your nearest Payzone store or Post Office branch. Simply take your water payment card where you will be able to pay over the counter with cash. Credit or debit card payments can be made at the discretion of the Payzone shop owner. You can request a new water payment card via the United Utilities website

Payment Methods

Pay bills or top up with Payzone

You can take your bill and your preferred payment method (cash, cheque, or card) to any Post Office branch or Payzone store and pay over the counter.

Direct Debit

You can pay your United Utilities water bill by direct debit. Pay in fixed monthly payments, so the same amount is paid each month, or opt for variable monthly payments. Variable monthly payments are determined by the amount of water that you use. You can set up a direct debit agreement with your water provider and your bank. 

Telephone Payments

To pay your United Utilities water bill over the phone, call the automated- payment line on 0800 980 6050. You will need your account number (printed at the top of your bill) and a debit or credit card. They accept all major MasterCards and Visa Cards. 

Online Payments

You can pay your United Utilities bill online via the United Utilities mobile app, the United Utilities website, or your internet banking app. 

To pay your bill via the app, download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and follow the account setup instructions. You can make instant payments, submit meter readings, set up reminders and more.

To pay your bill via the United Utilities website, access the account login area here. The secure, web-based payment service will take your online payment. 

You can set-up and manage payments via an online banking account. All you’ll need is your United Utilities account number and the banking information below:

NatWest Bank PLC

Sort code: 010917
Account number: 58933956

Postal Payments  

To pay your United Utilities water bill by post, you should make cheques, banker's drafts, building society cheques or postal orders payable to United Utilities Water Limited. Do not send cash through the post. Please remember to write your customer account number on the back of the cheque, which you can find in the top right of your bill.

Please post your cheque to: 

United Utilities
PO Box 11249
CM20 9NN

Water Meters

How do I get a United Utilities water meter?

You can apply for a water meter via the United Utilities website. Simply register for an account or login to your existing account and fill in an application form which should take just a few minutes.

When will I be billed by United Utilities?

United Utilities customers who have a metered billing account will receive a bill every six months, the bill will comprise of clean water, wastewater, plus any fixed charges.

United Utilities customers who have an unmetered billing account will receive a bill between February and March each year. It will detail what is due to pay for fresh water and wastewater for the year ahead.

Additional Questions

How do I let United Utilities know I’m changing addresses?

As soon as you know your moving date, you should let United Utilities know. 

You will need to provide them with the date you moved (or are due to move) out of your home, a reading from your old address if you had a water meter and finally, your new address or forwarding details.

You can process your change of address online through the My Account portal

How can I contact United Utilities?

By Phone

You can contact United Utilities for general enquiries on 0345 672 2888 (for customers who don't have a water meter) or 0345 672 2999 (for customers who do have a water meter).

General enquiry lines are open Monday-Friday, from 8am-8pm, and Saturday from 8am-4pm, excluding bank holidays.


You can contact United Utilities with your queries online using their website contact form. 

Out of Hours

The emergency line is open 24/ 7 for water and wastewater queries & emergencies only. You can call 0345 672 3723 for help and support, 24 hours a day, for emergencies such as a burst pipe, a blocked drain or sewer.