Information relating to the processing of personal data

The information below is supplemental to the separate clauses relating to the processing of personal data between Controllers and Processors.

Defined terms used below shall have the meaning given to them in such clauses.

Set out below are details of the subject matter and duration of processing between Payzone UK Limited (“Payzone”) and the other party (the “Company”) to whom notice has been given of the above clauses and this information.

1. Subject Matter and Duration of Processing

1.1. Payzone shall act as a Controller and the Company shall act as a Processor on the following basis:

1.1.1. Payzone shall be a Controller where it is Processing any Personal Data relating to Payzone agents; and

1.1.2. the Company shall be a Processor where it is Processing any Personal Data provided by Payzone relating to Payzone agents.

1.2. For the purposes of the Agreement, the parties agree that the scope of the Processing of Relevant Personal Data carried out by the Company as a Processor is as follows:

1.2.1. Scope, nature and purpose of Processing: storing details of the existence and location of Payzone agent sites and informing the Company’s customers of such details (either following a specific request from a customer or by publishing details of the agent sites on the Company’s website so that customers can obtain the relevant details directly);

1.2.2. Duration: for the term of the Agreement; and

1.2.3. Types of Relevant Personal Data and categories of Data Subjects:

The following information relating to Payzone agents:

• Payzone Agent number

• Payzone Site ID

• Agent’s Site Name

• Full Agent Address

• Agent Opening and closing times across all 7 days.

• Agent Landline Number

• Agent Mobile Phone Number

• Agent Email Address