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Our name change and your Direct Debit

We changed our name from Payzone UK Limited to takepayments Limited in January 2020.

Nothing else has changed, the company that you are contracted with, and the people behind it, all stay the same.

There’s nothing new to sign, your contractual arrangements stay the same and your direct debit will stay in place as normal.

Why are we changing?

In 2018, we sold the Bill Payments part of our business to Post Office. Post Office will continue to provide bill payment services through convenience stores under the Payzone brand, so you'll still see the name around. We'll be totally focussed on card payments.

Nothing else has changed

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything. Please be assured this change will not affect the service you receive in any way.

The only change you will notice is that with effect from 19th December 2019 our new name (TP LTD / Payzone) will appear on your Bank/Building Society statement.

There is no need for you to complete a new Direct Debit Instruction, as details of the change will have been supplied to your Bank, who may also notify you, independently.

You will continue to enjoy the benefits of the Direct Debit Guarantee, as detailed below. If you have any questions about this change, please call us on 01606 566 600 and we’ll be happy to help.