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HubBox Parcel Delivery


Increase revenue and footfall with HubBox, Payzone's new parcel service

HubBox is a Click & Collect solution that allows local shoppers to order online and have their deliveries sent to your shop for convenient pickup.

HubBox provides a new income stream and footfall from local customers, with a brilliantly simple app installed on your Payzone terminal. You’ll also
be featured on the website of the UK's top online retailers. Everything you need to manage parcels is included in the app, and you’ll be supported
every step of the way.

You will earn 48p including VAT for every parcel you manage - plus you'll meet new local customers and become the Click & Collect hub in your area.

Why use HubBox?

By providing our new parcel service, you'll benefit from:

  • Increased revenue

    Earn 40p plus VAT per parcel managed

  • Drive in footfall

    You can diversify your business and attract new customers into your store

  • Easy to use

    Everything you need is in your terminal, including a training tour for staff

  • Nationwide promotion

    Your shop will be featured on the top online shops in the UK, including Jack Wills, Warehouse, JOY the Store, and Joseph Joseph.

Get started with HubBox

It couldn't be easier to start providing HubBox's innovative service through your business via the new Payzone tablet.

1. Select HubBox on your tablet

From your Payzone Tablet home screen, click on the 'Parcel' icon and then select 'HubBox'.

2. Read our Terms & Conditions

Providing that you are happy, tick 'Yes' to say that you accept the Terms and Conditions

3. Enter your VAT number

Enter your VAT number or select 'Not VAT registered' & follow the on-screen instructions.


Enquire to join HubBox

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