Transport & Ticketing

How it works

An elderly woman purchasing a bus ticket from the bus driver.

Allow your customers to pay for their transport and ticketing costs whilst in your shop. Take payment for bus, rail and other local transportation services in your area.

Your customers can pay for their Dart Charge in advance or by midnight the following day.* Purchasing their ticket in advance will help ease the flow of crossings and help give your customer a more convenient and faster journey.

*Please note, failure to pay by midnight the following day will result in a fine imposed by Dart Charge. 

Smart Ticketing is similar to London's Oyster Card, your customers will be able to load tickets or credit onto a smartcard before travelling.

Smart Ticketing services which are currently available inside selected Payzone stores are:

  • Metro MCard (West Yorkshire)
  • Pop card (North East)
  • Centro Swift (West Midlands)
  • SPT Smartcard (Glasgow)
  • SYPTE TravelMaster (South Yorkshire)
  • OneCard (Leicester)
  • keyGo (South East)

With a number of bus ticketing schemes available inside Payzone stores, you customers will be able to purchase their bus tickets whilst picking up any groceries they may need, saving them time and effort!

The following services are available for instore bus ticketing:

  • Arriva
  • Smart
  • Centrebus
  • nBus

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