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PDQ machines

We have a variety of PDQ card machines each with all their own unique features to suit different businesses and industries. Equipped for contactless payments, Apple Pay and Android Pay, get your free quote today.

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PDQ card machines 

Find out the meaning behind PDQ and the benefits of taking card payments.

What is a PDQ Machine?

PDQ stands for ‘Process Data Quickly’ and is the original name used for card machines when they were first introduced in the UK. Although mainly used before Chip and PIN technology was accepted, PDQ machine is still a common alternative name for card machines today.

With the rise in card payments, PDQ machines have become a very popular choice in the UK. According to recent studies by the UK Cards Association, 77% of all retail spending in the UK was made using debit and credit cards in 2016. Last year also saw £39.2 million card payments per day in the UK.

PDQ machine

How does a PDQ machine work?

Originally, for a customer to make a payment, you would need to swipe the cards magnetic strip using the PDQ machine. This allowed the machine to check that the account had enough funds for the transaction, with the screen displaying an approved or not approved message. If the transaction went through, the customer would also sign to verify it. This resulted in a much slower process.

Now known by a few different terms including Chip & PIN machine, credit card terminal and card machine. PDQ machines have advanced since their introduction, using Chip and PIN to take faster card payments. Enabled with the latest technology, our PDQ machines are quick, reliable and secure. Contactless, Apple and Android Pay now also come as standard, which makes paying even faster.

What are the different types of PDQ machines?


The countertop PDQ machine is commonly used by retailers when transactions are made at either a fixed desk or counter. 


A portable PDQ terminal connects to its base using Bluetooth, allowing for payments within 50m of its base unit. Meaning you can take the terminal to customers.


The mobile PDQ card machine is perfect for businesses that don’t operate from a fixed location including taxi drivers, market stalls and tradesmen.

Customer using a countertop PDQ machine

Compare our machines

Chip and PIN card machine

Countertop PDQ terminal

The countertop machine connects via a phone line or broadband connection to process card payments.

Portable Chip and PIN machine

Portable PDQ card machine

A portable terminal connects to its base using Bluetooth, allowing for payments within 50m of its base unit.

Mobile Chip and PIN machine

Mobile PDQ payment machine

Our mobile card reader connects to the strongest mobile network in the UK to process fast and secure transactions.


What are the benefits of a PDQ machine with Payzone?

With a PDQ machine, you’ll be able to offer your customers an alternative way to pay, plus reduce cash handling within your business. You’ll also benefit from driving in customer footfall and more impulse purchases. At Payzone, we’re trusted by thousands of businesses already in the zone. We work in partnership with Barclaycard for our card payment solutions.

Fast and secure payments

Equipped with the latest security, our range of Ingenico PDQ machines are fast, smart and reliable. You’ll also be able to offer faster payments on sales under £30 – contactless, Apple pay and Android pay come as standard on all our PDQ card machines.

Over 90 local PDQ specialists

We have a team of local PDQ payment specialists available who will help you to choose the perfect PDQ terminal for your business. Whether you’re working at the counter, serving customers on the shop floor, or out on the road, we’ll have a machine for you.

Tailor-made pricing packages

We’re dedicated to supporting UK businesses, that’s why when you meet with one of our payment specialists, they will get to know you and your business. This allows them to be able to tailor-make a pricing package to suit your business’s needs.

No setup or exit fees

With our card payment solutions, we have no setup fees if you decide to join or exiting fees should you choose to leave at the end of your contract. Plus, we offer a 12-month contract – one of the shortest on the market!

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