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Safe, secure and fast online payments

Paying online has never been more popular. That's why it's important that independent businesses take advantage of accepting online payments. It could be through their website, using payment links or by sending electronic invoices.

There are a number of online payment systems available. Our Payment Gateway, Pay by Link and Virtual Terminal solutions will enable you to be able to start taking fast, simple online payments from your customers.

All our online payment solutions are linked to your merchant account and are compliant with PCI DSS industry security standards, so that you'll be able to accept all major credit and debit cards safely and securely.

To find out more about our tailor-made pricing packages and which solution would be best for your business, either call us or you can give us your details to call you back – don’t worry we won’t use your details for anything else. Read our online terms and conditions.

We’re also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer hire.

Find out more about our online payment systems

Payment Gateway

Link your online shopping basket to a Payzone payment gateway. You'll also be able to fully customise the payment gateway with your brand.

Payment Gateway

Pay by Link

Send payment links to customers. When they click the link, the payment amount is automatically populated so they just give their details and click 'pay'.

Pay by Link

Virtual Terminal

Use an internet-connected computer or tablet - your customer calls you, gives you their details, and you simply complete an online form to secure payment.

Virtual Terminal

Developer Support

If you are web developer looking to integrate with our online payment gateway find all the information you need here.

Developer Support

Want to know how to integrate with our payment gateway?

Go to Developer Support

Payzone cares about online safety

All online payments are processed by our acquiring partners, such as Barclaycard. Their advanced security features mean your business - and your customers - enjoy the highest level of payment protection they provide.


The global Address Verification System (AVS) checks the billing address provided by your customer with the address stored by their credit/debit card company.

✓ CV2

This security feature is specifically designed for "card not present" payments. It checks the card security code (usually a three-digit number) on the back of most credit and debit cards.

✓ IP Address Checking

By checking your customers' IP address, we reduce the risk of you taking fraudulent payments via 'hidden' IP addresses.

✓ 3D Secure

A final extra layer of security, 3D secure (sometimes known as 3DS) involves cardholders knowing and using an additional password when they buy online.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I take payments online?

    Online payments are growing in popularity, which is why it’s key for business owners like you to consider starting to accept them.

    By taking payments online, you’ll increase your revenue and give your customers a quick and secure way to make payments with their credit or debit card.

    If you run a physical shop as well, you could also gain new customers who might not have been able to pay inside your store.

  • What ways can I accept online payments?

    If you’re looking to start taking online payments, we have a variety of solutions available to suit a range of business types.

    If you have a website that you’d use for online payments, you can link your shopping basket with a payment gateway. When your customers are ready to pay, they’re taken to a secure web page to enter their payment details.

    You can also use a pay by link solution. You’ll be able to generate an email with a ‘pay now’ button, where your customers are taken to a secure payment page to make a payment.

    If you deal with mail or phone orders, you can take payments over the phone using our virtual terminal, which you can access through any computer or tablet connected to the internet.

  • Do I need a merchant account?

    Yes. You'll need a verified merchant account set-up for your business.

    This is a standard requirement for any business that accepts card payments, whether that’s online, face to face, or over the phone.

  • How secure are online payments?

    All our online payments are processed through our acquiring partners who use advanced security features including AVS and CVS checks, IP address checking and 3D secure authentication.

    They’re all compliant with the latest PCI DSS industry standards to ensure both you and your customers are protected when taking payments.

    If you’re looking to get your business PCI compliant, we have a dedicated PCI team who can help you get started.