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Get a verified merchant account service at Payzone

Set up a verified merchant account with Payzone and start accepting credit & debit card payments today.

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What is a merchant account and why is it important?

For any business wanting to start taking card payments, you’ll need to be set up with a verified merchant account service. Without a verified merchant account, you will not be able to accept any type of credit or debit card payments.

It’s important to set up a merchant account because without one you are denying your customers vital payment options. Don’t get left out in the cold. At Payzone, we can help you set up a merchant account to allow you to take card payments quickly and simply to give you peace of mind.

Merchant Accounts

Interested in setting up a merchant account with us?

What payment options do I get? Take your pick...

Card Machines

A merchant account at Payzone allows you to do so much. Firstly, you will be able to take card payments in your business.

Payment Gateway

That's not all, because you can also take payments online. Payment gateway, e-invoicing and even payment by link are all online options we can provide you with.

Virtual Terminal

Don't have a website? No problem, with our virtual terminal service you will be able to take payments over the phone.

merchant accounts

It's not just taking payments.

With a merchant account, you will also be able to do a number of other things such as:

1. Checking customer card details are correct to prevent fraud. A merchant account will check that there is enough money for a payment to be made - so the money will go straight into your account.

2. Storing your funds taken from card payments before being redirected into your business bank account.

Convenience Stores, increase your footfall with our Payzone terminal

Terminal and Tablet

How easy is it to setup a merchant account?

It's really easy to setup a merchant account service with Payzone!

The Process

1. Once we offer you an initial quote and you’re happy with it, your account is then taken for approval for one of our acquiring banks.

2. You will then be given a merchant ID for your new merchant account.

3. During the process, you will usually be asked to provide a certain amount of information in order to get your account approved. This would typically include information on your business accounts; what your business does; your expected turnover and the extent that transactions will be taken by card.

4. The overall setup process will usually take between a week to ten days.

With Payzone, we can get you set up with your merchant ID pretty quickly so that you can start taking card payments and really growing your business.

Merchant Accounts

Are there any extra costs for opening an account?

No this is all apart of setting up card payments. We don’t add any additional costs.

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Why choose Payzone as my card payment provider?

At Payzone, we want to be as flexible and as agile as the businesses who use us. We don’t tie you into a long contract. All our contracts are for 12 months - with no joining fees either. So if you open a merchant account, you won’t be paying anymore than you need to.

At Payzone, we believe in offering our businesses true value.

And this is reflected in our array of options.

There is nothing we appreciate more than your security and peace of mind. And you can rest assured that our merchant services have this in abundance.

 We are regulated by the FCA for consumer hire. They are the financial conduct regulator for thousands of businesses across the UK.

 Our acquiring partners include Barclaycard and Elavon - two of the largest merchant account providers in the UK. Showing that we only work with the best.

Merchant Accounts

But don't take our word for it. We aren’t here to lead you down blind alleys. At Payzone, we want you above all else, to be informed. So that you can make a decision which is ultimately right for you and your business.

Why not benefit from a no obligation, no hassle free quote. No set up fees, no exit fees if you leave at the end of your contract - that simple.

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