Transport & Ticketing

Pay for your Dart Charge plus buy and top-up travel tickets inside selected Payzone stores.

Transport & Ticketing

How it works

An elderly woman purchasing a bus ticket from the bus driver.

To help ease the flow of crossings  and give drivers a more convenient and faster journey, you can pay for your Dart Charge in advance or by midnight the following day.*

*Please note, failure to pay by midnight the following day will result in a fine imposed by Dart Charge.

You won't need to worry about finding the right change; similar to London's Oyster Card, Smart Ticketing allows you to load tickets or credit onto smartcards before travelling.

Smart Ticketing services which are currently available inside selected Payzone stores are:

  • Metro MCard (West Yorkshire)
  • Pop card (North East)
  • Centro Swift (West Midlands)
  • SPT Smartcard (Glasgow)
  • SYPTE TravelMaster (South Yorkshire)
  • OneCard (Leicester)
  • keyGo (South East)

With a number of bus ticketing schemes available inside Payzone stores, you can purchase your bus tickets whilst doing your grocery run!

Our stores currently provide the following services:

  • Arriva
  • Smart
  • Centrebus
  • nBus

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