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  • Safe & Secure Payment Gateway
  • Advance Fraud Detection
  • Accepts all major credit & debit cards
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Phone Payments made Simple

Without the need for a separate system or account, all our card machines can be used for "card holder not present" transactions, making accepting payments over the phone fast and simple.

You'll also have access to online reporting tools, allowing you to keep track of all your transactions.

Get in touch with our team now on: 0808 274 0015

Our Payment by Phone Features...

No exit fees, no joining fees. Accept all major credit and debit cards when you take phone payments with Payzone.

  • No need for a seperate system or account

    We like to keep it nice and simple for you.

  • Accepts all major credit & debit cards

    Giving your customers the options they want.

  • Advanced Fraud Detection

    We'll alert you if a payment appears suspicious.

  • Safe & Secure Payment Gateway

    Fully PCI DSS compliant to keep card data safe.

  • Specialist UK-based Support

    For help with setting up your terminal and more.

  • Online reporting tools

    Making it easy to manage your finances.

What we offer

1. Payments via Terminals

All of our card machines can take payments over the phone if requested. This allows you to take payments from the business premises, even if your customers are not there with you.

2. Safe & Secure

The security for merchants is paramount to us and is founded on the use of card machines which process payments using Address Verification (AVS) and Security Code (CV2) checking.

1. Payments via VT

Virtual terminals allow merchants to process transactions whilst on the phone to a customer via the internet, either in office or out and about, by inputting the card details into a secure online page.

2. Safe & Secure

The security for online is paramount to us and is founded on the use of virtual terminals which process transactions using Address Verification (AVS) and Security Code (CV2) checking.

Get paid from anywhere.

Why Payzone?

No Setup Fees

We're here to support UK small businesses, that's why we won't charge you a set up fee when you join.

12 Month Contract

While other providers may tie you in for up to 5 years, we're happy to offer 12 month contracts.

No Exit Fees

There won't be a sting in the tail if you want to leave us. We believe in fair deals so that means no exit fees.

UK Customer Support

From small queries to emergency replacements, we offer support from our UK-based team 7 days a week.

Local Specialists

We will always try to visit you in person to discuss the best payment solutions for you and your business.

25+ Years' Experience

Customer satisfaction is high on our agenda and we're always looking for ways to help small businesses grow.

Just a minute...

is all it takes to start to find out if Payzone is the best choice for your business.